Commercial Hydronic Boilers and Residential Heat Pumps

Feb. 1, 2010
Commercial Focus: Hydronic Boilers Grundfos The Multi-Stage CR-H is a solution for pressure boosting, chilled water, condenser water and boiler applications

Commercial Focus: Hydronic Boilers


The Multi-Stage CR-H is a solution for pressure boosting, chilled water, condenser water and boiler applications in high performance commercial buildings, sources say. With built-in variable speed motors by Grundfos, energy savings can be increased up to 80%. According to company sources, the CR-H construction offers increased pump life and ease of maintenance.
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The NeoTherm® modulating-condensing boiler from Laars Heating Systems is a fully packaged, space-saving hydronic solution that offers 95% energy efficiency. Sizes now include 80, 105, 150, 210, 285, 399, 500, 600, 750 and 850 MBH.
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The Noritz NH hydronic boilers (NH150-DV and NH199-DV) weigh only 66lbs. versus a conventional boiler's weight of over 300lbs.

The Noritz boiler is equipped with a fully modulating burner that tracks the needs of the system precisely and provides only the amount of energy required to maintain system set point.
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For multiple boiler systems, Raypak's Temp-Tracker Mod+Hybrid Control is capable of switching from condensing boiler lead to non-condensing boiler lead as load demand shifts. This control senses variations in seasonal and daily water temperature requirement to select the proper lead unit.
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Rinnai's wall-mounted boilers use condensing technology and sophisticated software to provide heat and domestic hot water, while operating at up to a 96.5% AFUE efficiency. Rinnai's condensing boiler units are easily retrofitted to replace traditional, less efficient boilers or can be used in new construction to provide simple, space-saving installations.
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Taco's 2400 Series pumps are designed for quiet, efficient operation in a wide range of medium to high flow/head applications, including hydronic heating, chilled water cooling and hot water recirculation.
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Uponor Ecoflex® pre-insulated pipe is the ideal product for hydronic radiant heating and cooling and potable water delivery systems in commercial, industrial and agricultural environments, sources say.

The product features flexible, durable Uponor crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) surrounded by PEX-foam insulation and encased in a waterproof, corrugated HDPE jacket.
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Residential Focus: Heat Pumps


The Energy Star approved Amana brand ASZ18 heat pump is capable of an 18 SEER rating and up to 9.5 HSPF efficiencies. Its two-stage Copeland UltraTech scroll compressor - coupled with Copeland Comfort-Alert diagnostics - provides energy efficiencies that can translate into lower operating costs. Sound levels are minimized with Amana's sound control top design and a high-density foam sound cover for the compressor.
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Coleman®, a brand of residential and light-commercial HVAC equipment manufactured by Johnson Controls, offers its Echelon split-system heat pumps, providing ratings of up to 18-SEER. Available in 2-5 tons, the Echelon units come in four models, each measuring 39.5-in. high by 34-in. wide by 42-in. deep.
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Comfort-Aire's “V” series ductless mini-split heat pumps maximize comfort by reducing temperature fluctuations and at the same time save an estimated 40% or more on energy consumption (compared to traditional mini-splits). The inverter technology of the “V” series allows the compressor to run at variable speeds so that it can precisely match the power to the demand.
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High-performance 18 SEER and 9.5 HSPF energy efficiencies are just two of the many benefits behind the Goodman® brand DSZ18 Heat Pump, designed to combine comfort with quiet operation, sources say.
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Heat Controller

New to the Century line by Heat Controller is the HRG13 series of split system heat pumps for R-410A. Designed for single family and light commercial applications, the units are rated at 13 to 14-SEER, depending on air handler match, and are available in 1 ½ to 5 tons capacities.
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The Luxaire® Acclimate HL8B Series 18-SEER split-system heat pump from Johnson Controls offer custom integration with Luxaire's® complete line of evaporator sections.

The HL8B Series units can be matched with available energy-efficient, variable-speed air handlers for upflow, downflow, and horizontal left or right applications to provide a complete system. If required, electric heaters are also available.
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As the next evolution of the 24.5 SEER iQ Drive air conditioner, the Maytag iQ Drive heat pump uses the same inverter-driven rotary technology to achieve high efficiency levels. The unit can modulate anywhere from 40-118% of capacity, instantly adjusting to exactly offset the demands on the home.
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Mitsubishi Electric introduces its split-ductless M-Series Star lineup. The Star lineup features updated indoor and outdoor units designed for maximum energy efficiency, including systems that are Energy Star® rated to help homeowners earn tax credits.
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The 15-SEER Prestige series single-stage heat pump (model RPQL) by Rheem, will allow Contractors to offer homeowners a wider range of products. This heat pump meets the new 2009 Energy Star requirements in all tonnages, is ideal for installation in dual fuel systems and uses R-410A.
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Samsung's Smart Inverter technology achieves the contradictory goals of consistent comfort and energy savings simultaneously, company sources say. Instead of constantly cycling the compressor on and off as the room temperature fluctuates, the inverter controlled compressor switches to “economy mode,” and runs more slowly while maintaining the desired temperature.
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The Trane XL20i has a rating up to 19-SEER and HSPF up to 9.0. The XL20i has two compressors: one for milder weather, and a second, larger compressor for extremely hot days. It's like having two units in one, sources say.
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The York® Affinity YZH series 18-SEER split-system heat pump from Johnson Controls is designed for superior performance, reliability and comfort, as well as simple installation and maintenance, sources say.

All models use an exclusive microprocessor featuring a demand defrost control system. As a result, defrosting cycles occur only when necessary, and an adjustable balance point insures supplemental heat is supplied only when required to meet the space load.
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