Noritz America, John Siegenthaler Hold Seminar On Noritz NH Boiler Series

Dec. 7, 2009
Nation’s leading Plumbing Engineer educates HVAC contractors to benefits of Noritz’s high-efficiency wall-hung boiler.

Hawthorne, NY– Plumbing engineer John Siegenthaler, addressed an overflow audience of HVAC contractors from across the Northeast region on the benefits of Noritz America NH Boiler Series, according to Yoshi Asano, Noritz America Senior Marketing Manager. The event, which was held at Noritz’s New York branch showroom on November 5, introduced Noritz’s ASME certified tankless hydronic boilers for both residential and commercial use.

The NH hydronic boiler series NH-1501-DV and NH-2001-DV share the same features as Noritz’s commercial tankless hot water heaters, which are ASME certified, environmentally friendly, and engineered to provide advanced modulation control. Noritz tankless hydronic boilers weigh only 66 pounds versus a conventional boiler's weight of over 300 pounds. They also offer nine temperature settings for hydronic heating.

By improving tankless technology and modifying it to meet the demands of North America's hydronic heating market, Noritz has changed the face of existing systems by developing:

  • Considerably thicker, commercial-grade copper heat exchangers, coated to resist corrosion.
  • Dual-flame burners that allow for stable burn under adverse conditions.
  • Fully modulating burner that gives very good turn down ratios and excellent tracking of system demand. (140F ~ 180F)
  • Standard Integrated Priority controls for DHW and Hydronic heating systems from a single controller in the boiler's front panel
  • Direct Vent design for installation in most locations in the house
  • Dramatically reduced pressure loss through the heat exchanger
  • High temperature capability (180F)
  • Minimal moving parts; only the fan and flow switch are moving parts.
  • Durable, fully solid state controls
“On behalf of everyone at Noritz America, we would like to thank Mr. Siegenthaler for making our seminar a tremendous success as well as defining the advantages of Noritz’s new NH Boiler Series,” said Asano. From the feedback we received, the HVAC contractors in attendance were excited to gain knowledge on our boiler system and fully plan to utilize it in future residential and commercial applications. It was clearly a win-win for everyone involved.” Visit for additional information.