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Factory Authorized Parts Ease Heatof Summer Maintenance Calls

July 6, 2010
Factory Authorized Parts from Totaline help Carrier and Bryant dealers make quick work of summer emergency calls.

During these days of record summer temperatures, commercial HVAC contractors want to set some records of their own in the efficiency department. Carrier and Bryant dealers are accomplishing that through their use of Factory Authorized Parts (F.A.P.) from Totaline.

A report from Totaline sources says F.A.P. products provide exact, drop-in replacements on Carrier and Bryant commercial equipment, which will save time and remove guesswork from repair tasks, giving both contractor and commercial customer peace of mind. F.A.P. products help technicians finish projects faster, because they feature exact electrical connections, lead lengths, and mounting characteristics.

F.A.P. products also preserve UL and/or CSA-approvals and listings for the parts in the original equipment.

Factory Authorized Parts provide many practical benefits to commercial customers. Using F.A.P. preserve the original manufacturer's warranty, as well as the original efficiency of the system and engineered sound requirements.

In the tool department, Totaline sales centers are up-to-date with all the tools a residential or commercial HVAC technician can’t be without, including digital manometers, digital pocket thermometers, and a one-button digital multimeter.
• The digital multimeter is designed to enable technicians to perform a number of diagnostics with just one tool. The meter automatically changes from AC, DC, and Ohms, at the push of a single button. It powers off automatically after 10 minutes.
• The Totaline digital manometer easily diagnoses natural gas and propane pressure problems in heating appliances. The manometer replaces messy U-tubes and expensive pressure gauges.
• The digital pocket thermometer features a rugged design and can withstand a drop from 10-feet It’s great for measuring the temperatures of ambient air, calibrate thermostats, vents, compressor heads, and registers. Additionally, the thermometer features auto power off after 35 minutes.

All three tools are featured in the Totaline Tools of the Trade line. They come with easy-to-read displays, and are backed by a three-year limited warranty. They’re a great addition to any tech’s toolbox, and are readily available at Totaline sales centers. When contractors purchase tools or instruments in 2010, they can receive FREE STUFF. Buy five line items, including one F.A.P. product plus four tools or instruments, and get a FREE MP-3 player. Visit to learn more. Other FREE STUFF gifts are also available.