Rheem Tankless Car Debuts at Las Vegas Speedway

April 9, 2009
Revving up consumer awareness of Rheem products

An all-new Rheem Tankless Water Heating paint scheme debuted at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on the No. 33 Rheem Chevrolet, driven by 2007 Daytona 500 Champion Kevin Harvick.
The “Hot Water Heaven” design, named for the heavenly comfort provided by Rheem tankless water heaters, is first in a series of innovative paint schemes designed to promote specific Rheem products to tens of millions of racing fans.
Tankless water heaters are quickly gaining in popularity across America due to their low cost of operation, small stature and energy efficiency. The Rheem tankless paint scheme features a blue water spray across the front hood with water drop accents on the sides and rear of the car. A product image on the C-post allows race fans to see what a tankless water heater looks like.
“We want to raise consumer awareness of the advantages of innovative Rheem tankless technology, which includes lower utility bills, greater energy efficiency, space-saving and the luxury of having all the hot water you need for as long as you want it,” says Ed Raniszeski, Rheem corporate director marketing communications.
“By using dramatic and eye-catching paint schemes on the No. 33 Rheem car, we’re targeting the Rheem tankless message to a potential customer base of more than 75 million loyal NASCAR fans," Raniszeski says.
Television viewers and NASCAR fans can see the Rheem “Hot Water Heaven” car by tuning in to ESPN2 to see the new Rheem No. 33 tankless paint scheme at Phoenix, Richmond, and Bristol Motor Speedways. Later this year, Rheem will unveil two additional paint schemes. On Oct. 10, a special paint scheme featuring the company’s line of high efficiency swimming pool and spa heaters will race in Fontana, Calif. A car touting eco-friendly Rheem Solar water heating products will have its first appearance at Phoenix International Raceway on Nov. 14.
The new paint schemes are part of a larger national campaign to build consumer awareness of the economic and ecological advantages to be found in the whole suite of Rheem water and air comfort products. Rheem is a world leader in heating, cooling and water heating products and is alone in producing whole home comfort systems capable of reducing utility bills and energy consumption that is directly related to water heating and air conditioning appliances. Water heating and heating and cooling systems account for more than 50% of home energy consumption.