ACCA Appoints Brendan Reidto BPC Committee

May 9, 2012
Brendan Reid, CEO of Comfort Institute has joined the BPC advisory committee. ACCA’s BPC was formed in March as a council within the association to serve the building performance market segment.

ACCA’s Building Performance Council (BPC) announced the appointment of Brendan Reid, CEO of Comfort Institute to the BPC advisory committee. ACCA’s BPC was formed in March as a council within the association, to serve building performance market segment.

“Comfort Institute has been helping contractors capitalize on building performance opportunities for almost two decades,” says Ellis Guiles, BPC committee chairman and vice president of TAG Mechanical Systems, Inc., Syracuse, NY. “By having Brendan, their CEO, join the BPC advisory committee, we have one of leading experts in the field working with us to ensure that we are moving this market segment forward. His vast experience and knowledge will help us be the strong voice that contractors need in this evolving industry.”

“I’m excited to be a part of this council that is focused on helping contractors be successful in building performance,” Reid says. “ACCA represents the interests of the best HVAC contractors in the country, and those same contractors are now realizing that delivering the core products of comfort, clean air, and efficiency requires going beyond traditional HVAC. ACCA members are the people to take on building performance, for both technical ability and marketing efficiency reasons. The BPC is an important new initiative to ensure that they have a say in how the market is satisfied, and aren’t pushed aside by other new players.”

Reid has been investigating and solving comfort, IAQ, and efficiency problems, and training others about what he has learned since 1978. Has tested and investigated hundreds of problem homes and commercial/industrial buildings, including nuclear power plant control rooms and the Space Shuttle launch pad at Cape Canaveral. He founded Comfort Institute in 1997 to specifically help progressive HVAC contractors successfully implement building performance into their businesses The BPC is a group of ACCA contractor members who work in the building performance market segment.

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