Smart Products - December 2008

Dec. 1, 2008
New to the U.S. market as of June this year, LG Electronics new MULTI V commercial air conditioning combines cutting-edge technology and the ultimate in flexibility...

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LG Electronics launches ‘Multi V’ Commercial Air Conditioning Series
New to the U.S. market as of June this year, LG Electronics new MULTI V commercial air conditioning combines cutting-edge technology and the ultimate in flexibility to deliver innovative comfort solutions that meet the needs of a variety of commercial applications.
• High EER ratings
• Uses Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
• Broad range of indoor unit options
• Low noise operation
• Modular design
• Total piping lengths over 3,000-ft.
• Zone control
Visit— LG

Combustion Check Meter. Flue Tests You Need Without All the Extras You Don’t
Fieldpiece introduces the SOX2 combustion check meter. The SOX2 measures % oxygen and temperature and calculates % carbon dioxide and % excess air in flue gas. Most technicians don’t need a full-on combustion analysis to tune a system. Heating appliance manufacturers often provide targets for %O2, temperature, and %CO2 in flue gas. Some are now including targets for % Excess Air. The SOX2 gives technicians the measurements they need without the costly extras of full-on combustion analyzers. See for more on the SOX2. — Fieldpiece Instruments

We’ve made IAQ fast, simple & profitable. Our systems perform – 99% to 0.1 microns, less static pressure than standard 1-in. fiberglass filter - .11-in.w.g.@ 1200 CFM. Fast, simple installation & maintenance – installs in minutes using low voltage wiring, maintenance takes less than 10 minutes a year – Really! Customers love AspenAir, a green product that uses 95% less energy than standard EACs, safe, quiet operation without harmful ozone. You’ll clean up with margins 2-3 times greater than typical EACs, increased productivity & profitable recurring business. / 888-326-0976. — AspenAir

Quickly Calculate Offset Bends on Job Site
The innovative 16-Ft. Offset Tape Stop™ Power-Return Rule from Klein Tools features patented offset and saddle reference markings that enable electrical contractors to create the majority of three-bend saddle and offset bends without complicated calculations. The front of the rule displays saddle bend calculations, while the back of the rule shows offset calculations, making it easier for users to determine angle bends. For more information about this product (Cat. No. 915-26), visit — Klein Tools

Crank Up Your Business with the Right Tool
Financing heating and air conditioning projects is easy with Climate Select, a revolving credit program from GE Money. The paperwork is minimal, and the credit decision process is extremely fast, usually within minutes. And, offering climate financing helps you close the sale in one visit. Now that’s cool! Consumer Financing: Call GE Money at 866/838-0654 Commercial Financing: Call GE Capital Solutions at 800/289-9868 — GE Money

Seismic Curbs
High vibration from severe wind loads or seismic activity occurs in many areas in the U.S. Thybar seismic curbs for rooftop HVACs are specifically manufactured to the seismic design category required by geographic location. Available options include built-in filters, extra height, built-in roof pitch, and pressure treated wood nailer. Thybar has licensed P.E. in staff. VISCMA member. Thybar Corporation, 913 S. Kay St., Addison, IL 60101. Tel: 800-666-CURB. Fax: 630/543-5309. Website: E-mail: info@ — Thybar

Analyze Airflow Easily with Fluke 922 Micromanometer
Today’s HVAC technicians want a simple solution for diagnosing ventilation issues. Differential pressure measurements only tell part of the story. Technicians also want to measure air velocity and flow, without having to resort to expensive, difficult to use, specialist tools. The Fluke 922 makes airflow measurements easy by combining three tools: differential pressure, airflow, and velocity into a single, rugged meter. — Fl