New Course to Explore BIM Process & Technology Implementation

June 16, 2011
MCAA’s latest offering will assist mechanical contractors in implementing BIM

The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) has announced the latest addition to its BIM (Building Information Modeling) for mechanical contractors curriculum. BIM Process & Technology Implementation for Mechanical Contractors will provide a practical, “how-to” look at the steps involved in implementing BIM processes and technologies, both on projects and within mechanical contracting firms.

The day-long course will be held Tuesday, October 18, 2011 in Baltimore, MD. Among other things, participants will be introduced to different processes, theories, and concepts that other companies have successfully used to adopt and implement BIM in their companies. David Morris, Director of Virtual Construction for EMCOR, is the lead instructor. He has over 30 years of experience performing and directing all phases of piping and mechanical systems. His current duties include improving BIM processes and sharing best detailing and virtual design practices across the 80 EMCOR group companies.

BIM Process & Technology Implementation for Mechanical Contractors is appropriate for any mechanical contracting professional who is or should be involved in establishing and executing the BIM process, facilitating its adoption, and achieving its integration at either the single project level or at a corporate level executing multiple BIM projects simultaneously. It’s assumed that all participants will have had significant exposure to BIM tools, mechanics, theory, and processes (such as through attendance of MCAA’s introductory BIM for Mechanical Contractors and BIM Technology for Mechanical Contractors courses) and will want to learn best practices to implement it into construction projects and firms.

BIM Process & Technology Implementation for Mechanical Contractors relies on a highly participatory learning environment including activities, classroom discussions, and instructor-led discussions. Technical Sales International (TSI) has signed on as the event’s sponsor.

Additional information and online registration are available at