Unico, Inc. Fires Up Fall Heating Promotion

Oct. 5, 2011
Cash-Back Incentive Program for HVAC Contractors

Unico, Inc. introduces a cash-back incentive to HVAC contractors who install the Unico System to heat residential homes this fall. The promotion runs until the end of the year and includes a wide range of Unico products that qualify for the cash-back offer.

“If homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a Unico System in their home, why shouldn’t the contractors who install those systems benefit as well?” said Randy Niederer, Director of Marketing, Unico, Inc. “This incentive program for our contractors really is a win-win situation—for the contractors and for homeowners.”

For contractors, participating in the program is easy--just purchase and install any piece of equipment that qualifies for the incentive, and Unico will send a check directly to you. The more equipment you install, the more money you receive.

In addition, Unico will provide a five-year warranty on parts only for all qualifying equipment at no additional cost, as long as the equipment is registered in Unico’s warranty database.

There's also a dedicated webpage, which lists all the items available for the incentive as well as the rules and regulations for the promotion.