The 17 Greatest Sales Closes of All Time, Part 1

Sept. 1, 2005
Its time to take your sales closing ability to a new level as we present the 17 greatest sales closes of all time. Lets kick off this new series with

It’s time to take your sales closing ability to a new level as we present the 17 greatest sales closes of all time. Let’s kick off this new series with our first two great closes: the Assumptive/Automatic Close, and the Feel, Felt, Found Close. Enjoy this series, and prepare yourself for more sales success as you apply these closes in your business.

#1: The Assumptive/Automatic Close

This close actually begins the minute you wake up in the morning and definitely, the second you are at the customer’s door. Assume you will be closing on a new system in the home of every customer you meet today.
You must have a positive mental attitude and never let your mind defeat you before you’ve walked into, or potentially away from, yet another deal down the drain. This goes especially for Yellow Page leads that may announce right up front, “We’re just checking prices.”

You’ll find that by automatically “assuming” you have the sale, in many cases, no one will disagree with you, but rather simply follow along at your command. You’re the professional, and you’re giving solutions to the customer’s problems.

In using this close, you must feel comfortable that the customer is in sync with you as you mention the assumptions. If you feel you’re still just “one of many” quotes they’re getting, you can’t use this close effectively. Just wait on clues that they’re pretty well on your side, nodding in approval, as you begin the assumptive close.
Part of the language of the Assumptive Close is for you to say to the customer as if they’d already decided,
“Well, we can put your new system here, and we’ll paint the lines to match your home so it’ll blend in better.” This installs the system for them mentally, so saying “yes” becomes less of an obstacle. Your assumptive language helps make it “theirs.”

Then you say something like, “And your new thermostat will go here, maybe a little higher than this one so you can reach it better. We’ll program it at installation and show you how to use it.”

Each assumption you make has lowered the barrier of asking for the sale, because in their mind, they already own it. To wrap up the close, you’d say something along the lines of, “Do you have any more questions about your new system? Okay, then we can schedule this at your convenience as soon as I make sure we have this one in stock.”
You see, you’ve never really had to stop and ask for the sale. You’ve simply progressed toward ownership through assumption.

By not assuming the sale, you may transfer doubt into the customer’s mind that even you aren't sure that you’re the right choice for them. Assume the sale and close more deals today.

#2: The Feel, Felt, Found Close

World famous sales trainer Zig Ziglar made a fortune in sales before he made another one as a trainer. Then another fortune as an author, and another as a speaker.

Ziglar’s sales career had lasting power because his methods worked, and could be repeated by thousands of devoted students. One of his best and most famous closes is adapted here for your HVAC sales.

Your prospects are in a bind. They stammer their objections and you respond. They seek an understanding that you may have about your systems and offer, but they’re left woefully without such an understanding, and can’t make a decision.

Here’s the most personable and helpful way to get them over the hump while using the genius of testimonials, all rolled into one.

“Mr. Homeowner, I can totally understand your concern and feel the same way. In fact, many of our other 8,000 installation customers over the past 21 years felt the same sense of indecision. But almost all of those people got other prices, too. They did their research and weighed it all out.

“What they found after spending, oh, eight to 20 hours of additional appointments and shopping time is that our value was highest. They got all the benefits you see offered here (point to your proposal) from us – but even at a higher or lower price from others – weren’t able to beat the value.

“Either way you want to go is fine with me. You can spend a lot more time shopping to arrive at the same conclusion, or go ahead and schedule this installation now.”

You can see that this relatively short close uses almost every persuasive trigger known without being pushy. If anyone remains or seems more hesitant than normal, a quick flip to your testimonials (in your binder) may put them over the top.

But remember, you express empathy in “I feel.” Then you recognize a similarity in “they felt.” Soon thereafter, you save prospects from the time and hassle of more shopping to reach the same conclusion with “they found.”
The Feel, Felt, Found Close is among the most time-tested, clearly logical and emotional closes you’ll ever use. I feel you felt that others found the same thing to be true.

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