July 2008

July 1, 2008
Big News from Fantech As of May 13, 2008 the parent company of Fantech, Inc. completed the purchase of Emerson Ventilation Products located in Lenexa, Kansas. Products previously sold under the Emerson Ventilation name will now be sold under the ...

Big News from Fantech

As of May 13, 2008 the parent company of Fantech, Inc. completed the purchase of Emerson Ventilation Products located in Lenexa, Kansas. Products previously sold under the Emerson Ventilation name will now be sold under the Fantech brand. The new product offering includes a complete line of PRVs (Power Roof Ventilators), Wall Fans and Air Circulators. These additional products compliment Fantech’s existing product line of residential and commercial exhaust fans, HRVs and ERVs. There’s no better time than right now to make Fantech your “One Stop Shop” for all your air movement needs. For more information visit www.fantech.net or call 800/747-1762 for the name of a distributor in your area.

Experience Driving our Best

The NEW Journeyman™ screwdrivers line features advanced blade technology for superior blade strength. The sleek, tri-lobe handle features an ultra-comfortable, soft outer grip bonded to a solid inner core, to generate the maximum amount of turning power, while providing exceptional control, grip and balance. www.kleintools.com

Friedrich Ductless Split Systems — Up To 19 SEER

Friedrich Air Conditioning offers a full line of ductless split systems including single and multi-zone wall-mounted systems, universal mount floor/ceiling systems, low-profile ceiling cassette systems and ceiling suspended models. One third of these systems boast super high ratings from 16.5 to 19.0 SEER. The entire Friedrich line features ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant. Multi-zone systems include dual-, tri- and quad-zone configurations featuring Advanced Inverter Technology for efficiency optimization and variable capacity advantages. Applications: homes, businesses, retail, additions/ renovations, offices, computer rooms and warehouses.

Ideal Tape Goes Backless With 591 Self Wound FSK

Unique 591 Self Wound FSK tape has no release liner, making it easier to handle, faster to apply, and simple to clean up on the work site. New 591 Self Wound FSK winds on top of itself, not on a paper liner, so there is no liner trash to clean up on the job. Tough 591 Self Wound FSK provides a high performance bond for a strong, efficient moisture barrier. Rolls of 591 are light and compact, yet in standard industry lengths, to reduce fatigue when working overhead. Choose 591 Self Wound FSK to save time and money. For free samples contact Ideal Tape’s Customer Service at 800/229-9148, or visit www.idealtape.com

Crank Up Your Business with the Right Tool

Financing heating and air conditioning projects is easy with Climate Select, a revolving credit program from GE Money. The paperwork is minimal, and the credit decision process is extremely fast, usually within minutes. And, offering climate financing helps you close the sale in one visit. Now that’s cool!

Consumer Financing: Call GE Money at 866/838-0654
Commercial Financing: Call GE Capital Solutions at 800/289-9868

Finally — a Grill Worth Framing

Bronze cast grills have been the hallmark of quality in prestigious homes throughout history. Transform a room with the warmth, beauty and quality of custom grills and registers by Classic Grills. All grills are sand-cast to provide a thick old-world quality feel, and finished in a deep oil rubbed patina. With over 200 patterns in stock, just about any size you may need is readily available. Popular size bronze grills are in stock, ready for immediate delivery. For further information visit us at www.classicgrills.com or contact us at 760/213-0427

High Efficiency Boilers

AERCO’s two- and three million-BTU/hr. Benchmark boilers reduce total project and lifecycle costs while delivering energy efficiency, quiet acoustics and lower operating costs. Each unit comes fully assembled and fits through 30-in. doorways. The units occupy a small footprint and can be installed with zero sidewall clearance. Removable enclosure panels and rear access to all piping simplifies lifetime maintenance. The condensing boilers feature best-in-class 20:1 and 15:1 turndown for an unmatched range of non-cycling operation. Contact AERCO at 800/526-0288 or visit www.aerco.com .

NEW! Diagnostic Psychrometer Calculates Target Superheat & Target Evaporator Exit Temperature

Fieldpiece introduces the first Diagnostic Psychrometer that not only performs the normal functions of a digital psychrometer (DB, WB, RH%, DP), but also helps technicians analyze air conditioning systems. Using normal psychrometer measurements, the SRH2 calculates Target Evaporator Exit Temperature (TEET) and Target Superheat (TSH). The technician needs TEET to properly adjust air flow across the evaporator. He needs TSH to properly charge a fixed orifice A/C. See www.fieldpiece.com/diagnostic_psychrometer.html for more on the SRH2.