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June 1, 2011
MSCA's 'Project Home Again' Distributes 9,000th Missing Child Poster The problem of missing children continues to plague our society. Thankfully, many groups are doing all they can to restore families, through various outreach programs. The Mechanical ...

MSCA's 'Project Home Again' Distributes 9,000th Missing Child Poster
The problem of missing children continues to plague our society. Thankfully, many groups are doing all they can to restore families, through various outreach programs.

The Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) announced in May that through its Project Home Again® community service program, it had distributed its 9,000th missing child poster since the program began in 1998. National Missing Children’s Day was observed on May 25.

Through the program, more than 200 MSCA contractor members nationwide purchase and display magnetic posters of missing local children on their service vehicles. As their vehicles travel around their communities the posters are highly visible, increase awareness of the missing child, and enhance the likelihood that he or she will be found.

MSCA's partner, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), provides MSCA with the biographical information of the missing children for the posters as well as contact information. Over 300 of the 548 children portrayed on the Project Home Again posters have been found.

"MSCA's Project Home Again remains as committed to finding missing children throughout the U.S. as we did when we started the program 13 years ago," says MSCA Executive Director Barbara Dolim.

"Our contractor members have been extremely generous in their support of the program and take pride in helping families in their community reunite with their loved ones. Some of our Project Home Again contractors have received phone calls from the families of missing children, thanking them for their assistance," Dolim says.

Project Home Again has been nationally recognized for its role in raising awareness about the search for missing children. It received two national awards in 2001 from the American Society of Association Executives for being, "a program that truly embodies the spirit of the Association's Advance America campaign."

In 2007, the program was featured on NBC Nightly News in a "Making a Difference" segment. The segment portrayed a participating MSCA contractor in Louisville, KY, and showed how the company's participation in the program had influenced their community.

For more information about Project Home Again, visit If you have information to report on a missing child, please visit the NCMEC website,, for contact details.

Ben Franklin Plumbing of Denver Enters HVAC Arena
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Denver, CO, a 30-year-old plumbing company, has expanded its service to include residential HVAC. The HVAC division will be led by industry veteran Steve Carlson.

"Heating and cooling is a natural extension to the types of services we provide, and something we've been looking into for some time," says Steve Jusseaume, founder. He adds that the move into HVAC was prompted by many customer requests.

"Our plumbing customers were increasingly asking for HVAC services, but I waited until I could find just the right person to maintain the high level of service our customers demand. Steve Carlson, with more than 18 years of experience in the HVAC field, is a perfect fit," Jusseaume says.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Denver serves the entire Denver metro area.

Three Commercial HVAC Firms Achieve MSCA GreenStar Status
The Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) announced recently that the following companies had achieved MSCA GreenStar status during the first quarter of 2011:

  • J.C. Cannistraro, LLC, Watertown, MA. The company designed energy-efficient mechanical systems for Genzyme World Headquarters, Cambridge, MA.
  • Goyette Mechanical Company, Inc., Flint, MI. Recent projects include the Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America office, York Township, MI.
  • Jackson & Blanc, Inc., San Diego, CA. The company specializes in Design/Build, district cooling plants, energy retrofit services, building automation, and more.

Thirty-nine member contractors in the U.S. have earned the GreenStar designation since the program began in 2008.

To become an MSCA GreenStar contractor, firms must do the following:

  • Promote sustainability throughout their entire organization, from employee training and education to the products and services they offer their customers.
  • Possess the skills and expertise necessary to deliver energy-efficient and cost-effective indoor environmental solutions.
  • Fulfill customer needs and ensure tenant satisfaction by implementing sustainable service practices.
  • Understand the latest green technologies, including equipment upgrades and energy-efficient issues.

Visit for additional information.

There's An APP For That!
Redfish Instruments, Inc. has developed the iDVM™ Digital Multimeter. The iDVM multimeter wirelessly connects to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch via an ad hoc wireless network. Users can acquire, visualize, and share electrical measurement data on their Apple devices. For example, service engineers can use the iDVM to collect data and store it in a report for submission to their clients, or keep the data on the voltmeter for their own records. Available at no charge.

HVAC Residential Load Calcs for iphone, by Carmel Software, allows technicians to perform detailed heating and cooling loads for small commercial and residential buildings out in the field, by taking advantage of the simplicity and power of the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Cost: $34.99.

ASHRAE – American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers Annual Conference
, June 25-29, Montreal, Canada;

HVACR Week – HVAC Comfortech; Optimum Buildings Conference; Commercial HVACR Symposium, Sept. 21-23, Indianapolis, IN;

The lack of a succession plan can seriously harm a company’s future. Key documents you need to have in place to put your mind at ease, according to William M. Hansen, J.D., LL.M, are:

Durable Power of Attorney: To avoid a court-appointed guardianship, sign a durable power of attorney, wrote Hansen. This allows you to name a person to manage your financial affairs during your lifetime, even if you become incapacitated.

Health Care Directive: This document allows you to name an agent to make medical decisions on your behalf, in the event you are unable to communicate directly with your physician. Last Will & Testament: If your business is a sole proprietorship, it’s crucial to have an updated will or revocable living trust that reflects your wishes about your estate, including the business. Consult your own attorney for advice in these and other succession-related areas.