Oct. 11, 2012
Ruskin Mini Ventilator ERV’s are 75%+ effective and are used for applications requiring 250 to 1000 CFM for ventilation.

Ruskin Introduces the Mini Ventilator ERV
Ruskin Mini Ventilator ERV’s are 75%+ effective and are used for applications requiring 250 to 1000 CFM for ventilation. Ideal for classrooms, meeting rooms, and small retail, the low-profile Mini Ventilator is designed for indoor installation and can be floor or ceiling mounted. A removable panel allows easy access to the enthalpy wheel and filters.

Factory installed options on MV250X, 450X, and 750X include:
• frost control
• wheel rotation sensor
• start, stop, jog function.

Energy recovery wheels reduce the cooling load on main air handling units delivering greater efficiency and lower costs, company sources state.

New Draft Simulator from Fieldpiece Instruments
Fieldpiece Instruments introduces the DDSM1 draft simulator, that allows HVAC professionals to accurately test pressure switches, and calibrate adjustable pressure switches to any furnace. This allows technicians to carry adjustable switches on trucks, instead of switches for a variety of furnaces.

A pressure switch is a safety device that prevents the furnace from running in an unsafe manner. Until the DDSM1, there were no testing tools available to test the efficacy of a pressure switch, unless it failed completely.

Designed to simulate the negative pressure created by the draft inducer at start-up, when used with a manometer, the DDSM1 produces a consistent vacuum pressure that’s adjustable to the furnace pressure. And it will maintain that pressure from 0- to 100-in. of column water, depending on the bleed port.

WEATHER GUARD® Protect-A-Rail Cab Protectors Redesigned for 2012 Truck Models
Knaack LLC announces that Weather Guard truck equipment has reduced the overall height of Protect-a-Rail cab protectors to make them more compatible with current full-size truck model year designs. In turn, two mounting brackets have been modified to allow the new Protect-a-Rail cab protectors to be installed with the Ford F-250/F-350 Super Duty and the Dodge Ram.

The cab protectors are designed to protect the cab of the pickup from shifting loads in the cargo area and provide heavy-duty cab protection.

In order to reflect these changes, new part numbers have been established. Part numbers for models 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1912, and 1915 will be discontinued. The new Protect-a-Rail cab protectors and mounting brackets will still be compatible with all older model year vehicles. Orders for the redesigned cab protectors and mounting brackets will be accepted starting September 2012.

Emerson Climate Technologies Launches “Next Generation” Thermal Expansion Valve
Emerson Climate Technologies announces the release of the Emerson NXT series R-410A thermal expansion valve. The Emerson NXT series is a balanced ported valve designed for high-efficiency R-410A air conditioning and heat pump applications. According to company sources, NXT series valves operate over a wide range of conditions and applications, while offering excellent performance, superior reliability, and unparalleled valve life. It’s designed to be the ideal thermal expansion valve for both new system designs and field service.

Key product features include:
• 1- to 7 ton capacity range
• Stainless steel power element for corrosion protection
• Enhanced diaphragm design for extended life
• Engineered polymer check valve option for increased reverse flow and improved reliability in split-system heat pump applications
• Balanced port construction for varying ambient conditions and evaporator loads.

Danfoss AK-PC 781 Controller Offers Oil Management, Heat Reclaim
The new AK-PC 781 multifunctional pack controller from Danfoss, ensures precise and stable suction and condensing pressure regulation for a variety of applications and refrigerants. Modules snap onto a common platform to accommodate digital and analog inputs and outputs for compressors, condensers, gas coolers, fans, expansion valves, sensors, switches and alarms. Capacity control is available for up to eight compressors, with three unloaders for each compressor. Functions include speed control of one or two compressors, handling up to six safety inputs per compressor, optional capacity limitation to minimize peak energy consumption, capacity control for up to eight fans and coordinating cascade controllers for medium- and low-temperature operation.

Advanced module features support heat recovery for hot tap water production and general heat recovery in transcritical CO2 booster systems.

Controller programming is easily accomplished with a PC using AK-Service Tool software. The controller networks with other Danfoss ADAP-KOOL refrigeration control systems. External data communications is supported by a MODBUS extension module.