EWC Controls Receives Smart Workplace Award

July 15, 2009
EWC Controls has been awarded the prestigious New Jersey Smart WorkPlace Award.

EWC Controls, Englishtown, NJ, has been awarded the prestigious New Jersey Smart WorkPlace Award by the State of New Jersey. The company was recognized for cutting costs and stress on the daily commute for employees. The award goes to those few companies that can provide cost cutting measures, environmentally friendly solutions, time saving routes and eliminate traffic congestion for their employees.

“It's critical for today’s employers to provide economical and sustainable transportation options such as public transit, carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, and walking,” says New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzine. “These companies have made the extra effort to ensure that commuting options are available to thousands of employees in New Jersey.”

EWC Controls is working with the governor and the State of New Jersey to improve the work atmosphere in the state. “We're doing our part to help Green New Jersey and reduce our total impact on the environment.” says Mike Reilly, vice president, marketing and sales. EWC Controls employs more than 60 people in its New Jersey headquarters.

EWC, Inc. has been manufacturing in the State of New Jersey since 1961. Its controls division, started in 1988, manufactures forced air zone controls and residential steam humidifiers for the HVAC marketplace. The company sells through the two-step distribution process with wholesale distributor partners across North and South America.