GoSolarUSA Plans to MarketSolar Furnace in Time for Winter

Aug. 11, 2010
Could be stand-alone forced air heating system, or used in conjunction with an existing forced air furnace.

GoSolarUSA Inc., (GSLO) New Orleans, LA, reported today that it will move forward with plans that would make its newly-acquired “Solar Forced Air Furnace” technology ready for marketing prior to the upcoming winter season in the U.S.

GSLO is currently preparing to manufacture a working prototype in order to test for functionality, reliability, and effectiveness standards. This process is expected to take approximately three to four months. The Company believes this new technology could revolutionize the solar industry by providing a practical method of delivering forced air heat to homes in cold climates using solar energy. Their new Solar Forced Air Furnace device is expected to be used as a stand-alone forced air heating system or in conjunction with an existing forced air furnace. The system is anticipated to provide hot air to heat commercial or residential spaces needing heat during cold weather.

The device is designed to collect energy from the sun, concentrate it into heat, and transfer that heat to a moving air stream which is circulated into various spaces.

Sources say GSLO’s new Solar Forced Air Furnace will be designed to easily adapt to existing residential HVAC systems to reduce heating costs and to provide a low-cost, “green” energy source to replace oil and gas.

For more information visit, www.GoSolarUSA.com.