Louisiana Technical College Steps Up To Train The Industry

June 1, 2004
Louisiana Technical College - Baton Rouge, announces an aggressive new program to help train and certify (credential) persons in the HVACR (Heating, Ventilation,

Louisiana Technical College - Baton Rouge, announces an aggressive new program to help train and certify (credential) persons in the HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration) industry. Louisiana Technical College (LTC) works to ensure that every person graduating from their HVACR programs are trained and prepared for employment in the HVACR industry. Mr. Walter Nichols (CMHE - Certified Master HVAC Educator) is the HVACR Program Chair for LTC Baton Rouge campus and State HVACR Chair over the 42 campus LTC system. Mr. Nichols believes that all persons should be trained in: Installation, Diagnosing, Repairing and maintaining residential and commercial HVACR systems, Computer literacy, Applied mathematics, HVAC Introduction, Principles of Refrigeration, Electricity, Customer Relations, Job Seeking Skills, Room Air Conditioning, Domestic Refrigeration, Residential: Central Air Conditioning - Gas Heating - Electric Heating - Heat Pumps and System Design, Commercial: Air Conditioning and Controls - Refrigeration, and Controls. In a perfect world everyone working in the HVACR industry in Louisiana would attend one of the excellent programs in the LTC system. However, many persons in the industry have never received formal training or many years have lapsed since their last course. In order to assure that everyone working in the industry is properly trained and be successful HVACR professionals in the 21st Century, Mr. Nichols is implementing a new program through training and certification to help every individual put their career on the right track. LTC has been using the HVAC Excellence Certification series to assure employers and consumers alike of a technician’s qualifications. These testing sessions will now be open to non-students in the HVACR industry in order to help individuals prove their technical knowledge or identify their areas of weakness. Once an area of weakness is identified a proper course of action can be recommended to the individual. Recommendations can include suggesting the person attend one of the LTC training programs, LTC continuing education programs, suggesting reading materials, etc. A properly trained technician makes fewer mistakes. The side effect of satisfied consumers and fewer call backs is higher profitability for the contractor. For those employers of facility maintenance personnel, a properly trained technician means, improved preventative maintenance and reduced down time. The HVAC Excellence Certifications available at the LTC include: Electrical - Air Conditioning - Commercial Air Conditioning - Commercial Refrigeration - Heat Pump - Geo Thermal - Gas Heat - Electric Heat - Oil Heat - Carbon Monoxide. Persons who achieve certification will receive credentials that assures employers and consumers alike of their technical qualifications. The HVAC Excellence Certifications help provide persons needing additional training a blueprint of their areas of weakness. LTC Baton Rouge is a Nationally Accredited Six Year program (the highest level of accreditation attainable) that provides students and technicians the best chance for success in the HVACR industry. For more information on the training and certification programs available to you or your employees, contact Mr. Walter Nichols (CMHE) at (225) 359-9227. If you’re not in the Baton Rouge area, Mr. Nichols will help guide you to one of the other fine LTC programs closest to you.