Energy Environmental Corp. of Centennial, CO Wins Quality Home Comfort Award

July 9, 2012
The home is built using an insulated concrete form (ICF) structure, for superior energy efficiency.

The editors of Contracting — a leading, national publication for residential and commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) contractors — have presented Energy Environmental Corporation, Centennial, CO, with a Quality Home Comfort Award, for excellence in HVAC contracting.

The Contracting Quality Home Comfort Awards are presented each year to residential HVAC contracting firms, based on projects submitted to the publications’ editorial staff. The awards are presented in a variety of categories based on home size and type of installation (new home construction or renovation).

At an altitude of 8,500 feet in a dry climate, there was concern over maintaining a comfortable level of indoor humidity in the newly-constructed home. In addition, without access to natural gas and rising propane costs, the homeowners wanted high energy efficiency to reduce utility costs. Durability was a concern as this home was intended for occupancy on an irregular basis, and subject to severe weather.

Al Wallace, president and principal owner of Energy Environmental Corporation (EEC) of nearby Centennial, CO was the choice of the homeowners, Dean and Kathy Buysee. Wallace and EEC had been designing and installing high-performance, integrated HVAC and renewable energy systems for 10 years, for projects of many sizes. From stand-alone ground source heat pumps to fully-integrated hydronic and air systems with BACnet controls.

While the homeowners didn’t desire Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) or Energy Star certification for the home, EEC consulted with the owners and their designer — Jerrod Nelson, Nelson Design Service — to implement elements of both LEED and Energy Star. Of first priority was a tight, well-insulated, high mass building envelope incorporating energy recovery ventilation. The home is built using an insulated concrete form (ICF) structure, for superior energy efficiency.

Energy Environmental Corporation was one of six HVAC firms to receive QHCA’s in 2012. Other winners are: Mechanical Air Service, San Jose, CA; General Air Conditioning, Inc., San Antonio, TX; Eric Kjelshus Energy, Greenwood, MO; Orchard Valley Heating & Cooling, Southampton, MA; and Professional Geothermal Systems, Port Washington, WI.

The story of this and the other QHCA winners can be found by viewing the July 2012 online edition of Contracting, at this link.

Media Contact: Terry McIver, executive editor, 216-931-973.