World's Fastest ACCA-Approved Manual J Load Calcs

Sept. 1, 2006
img src="/images/archive/31875smartprods_00000017319.jpg" width="96" height="71" border="0" align="right"The new Load Wizard from Nitek Software is a
The new Load Wizard from Nitek Software is a fast, simple to use, and easy to learn ACCA-approved Manual J 8th edition program. Load Wizard includes a whole-house, room-by-room and commercial calculator, all for only $395, which makes it the most affordable ACCA-approved load calculator in the industry. When you order the free evaluation CD you will receive a fully functional copy of Load Wizard. The CD also includes the full suite of powerful sales and service programs that Nitek offers, all fully functional, but they only run for a limited time. Nitek leads the industry with affordable software that can be run "stand-alone" or "fully-integrated." To order your FREE DEMO CD call 888/648-3525 or visit— Nitek Software