FormMobi App Reinvents the Clipboard

July 6, 2012
FormMobi users have two sketching options.

Workflow technology pioneer a la mode, inc. announced today its release of FormMobi, a transformative application that allows professionals to replace old paper-based field data gathering activities with cloud based workflow solutions deployed to iOS and Android™ devices. FormMobi is currently available in Apple’s App Store, the Android Market (Google Play) and the Amazon Appstore.

“Think of FormMobi as reinventing the clipboard,” says Product Manager Dale Spoonemore. “Gathering data ‘out in the field’ away from your office, filling out forms, jotting down notes, drawing diagrams and sketches — any information traditionally collected using paper and pen can now be easily gathered and transmitted from your mobile device using FormMobi. The money and time saved are obvious, but it’s the added security and reduction of mistakes associated with scanning and rekeying data that result in the biggest and most immediate payoff.”

a la mode has been solving digital supply chain and data gathering problems in one of the broadest sectors of the financial services industry for over a quarter century. Developed for today’s latest Android and iOS devices, FormMobi is simply the most recent iteration of a la mode’s workflow expertise.

FormMobi makes it simple to create and complete electronic forms. The application also offers an impressive array of data-gathering features for users filling out custom or ready-made forms in the field, which go beyond the limitations of traditional data collection. In addition to text input, users can record audio, select data from QuickLists, scan barcodes, make calculations, take photos, get GPS coordinates, collect client signatures, and more.

In contrast with other forms apps currently available, FormMobi users have two sketching options. FormMobi’s advanced CAD Sketch allows users to create incredibly precise, graphpaper- style drawings with the swipe of a finger. Areas and angles are calculated automatically and can be adjusted as needed. Symbols and labels are easily added to give sketches a professional, finished appearance. Sketches can be exported to the popular AutoCAD® format for easy import into other systems. As an alternative, Freehand Sketch provides a canvas for unconstrained freeform drawings.

FormMobi can operate with or without an active Internet connection. It’s perfect for deploying to workforces in remote areas with no mobile service. Once users return to an area with mobile service or Wi-Fi, files are synced back to the cloud where the rich data can be exported in a variety of formats, avoiding the expense and errors caused by retyping or scanning handwritten information. For a custom solution, FormMobi’s Enterprise API can be used to build seamless integrations to back-end systems. The robust, easy-to-use app saves employees’ time, allows companies to go paperless, and keeps data consistent across teams.

“Based on our extensive workflow technology expertise in the real estate and mortgage lending industries, we developed FormMobi with a number of new industries in mind,” Spoonemore said. “We know the core problems with paper forms, such as inconsistent or missing data due to human error, time and labor associated with manual data entry, and the wastefulness of paper itself. FormMobi eliminates all of these issues. It’s perfect for inspectors, contractors, landscapers, surveyors, auditors, architects, managers, designers, small or large businesses, home renovators – anyone who gathers and manages data.”