From the Desk of Mike Murphy: Here's a Nice Little $24,000 Bonus for You at Comfortech

Aug. 1, 2004
Two quick points to let you know were serious: 1) Last year, this event was completely 2) This year, weve got a new twist that should be even more valuable

Two quick points to let you know we’re serious:
1) Last year, this event was completely “overbooked”.
2) This year, we’ve got a new twist that should be even more valuable for you.

Let me explain…

Hello There Comfortech Attendee and Friend,

“Never been done before”. “Can’t be done.” “No one’s ever tried that.”

Personally, I don’t like any of those phrases. At Comfortech – as you probably know – we break lots of rules in order to give you better ways to build your business. Such as:

More seminars. Better speakers. Better entertainment. Top quality vendors. We don’t take any of this stuff lightly, but there was one area where we were a little weak…

Our top-ranked consultant/speakers do such an incredible job at their seminars that they’d be swamped afterward from those of you who had a “burning” question or two. Sometimes they could answer, other times they’d have to move on. So you’d go home with these questions in your mind, unanswered…

Until last year when we introduced “Consultants Corner”.

This is a specially-designated area right on the trade show floor where attendees could sign up for “one on one” face time with their choice of top industry consultants. No charge. Free. Nothing. Just show up, ask, and learn.

The slots for last year were gone almost instantly. We expect no difference this year, especially when you consider the value of getting your questions and challenges fielded by this all-star line-up of consultants –

  • Charlie Greer – A sales master who has coached thousands to do likewise.
  • Drew Cameron – One of our top-ranked Sales speakers. Laser-like and methodical.
  • Ruth King – Innovative business thinker trained to extract efficiency and profit.
  • Tom Grandy – The sage of pricing for profit. Leaves no profit stone unturned.
  • Pat McCormick – The authority on “systemized selling” for HVAC sales pros.
  • Brandon Jacob – Need a value on your company? Want to build the value? Sell it to others? Looking to buy? Here’s your guy!
  • Adams Hudson – HVAC’s top marketing consultant, copywriter, and strategist.

To have all these consultants come to your office would cost you over $24,000 a day if you could get them. They all stay booked months in advance, but they’re yours free at this year’s Comfortech. Their popularity creates just one problem…
There are over 1,000 attendees. And only 26 total slots available. So if you want in, you’d better sign up quickly. There are TWO ways—

  1. Come to Consultant’s Corner, located across from Contracting Business and sign up as soon as the Trade Show opens.
  2. Or, for “Early Bird” inquiries, send an email only to Gwen Hostnik with your request and full contact info, citing the consultant you wish to meet with, and whether you prefer Thursday or Friday.

These are the best ways to try and ensure a spot with your chosen consultant. I can’t urge you enough, please don’t delay. However, if you miss out, we’ve created a “back-up plan”. We want Comfortech to be a “high value” event no matter what! So we’re breaking the rules again:

First Time Ever, “Rapid Fire” Session on Friday

On Friday, we’re assembling these great consultants for the first time in one place (right on the Trade Show floor) for a Rapid Fire Consultation Session.

Each consultant will give answers to just 41 attendees (that’s all we have room for) on “The Most Common and Costly Problems in HVAC”. These are the things they solve nearly 80% of the time during their private consults! This will be a fascinating “inside look” from these coaches and what you can do to instantly improve your business.

All in all, the Consultant’s Corner is a dramatic value enhancer for those who want to know more, grow more, and learn better ways to run their business… instead of having the business run them. The consultants can be your golden-key to this understanding.

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff to get completely free. We urge you to get the most value out of Comfortech 2004. This is your event! I look forward to seeing you in St. Louis!


Mike Murphy, Editor-in-Chief Contracting Business

P.S. Click here for more info. Maybe you can sneak a question or two in early!) The Consultant’s Corner and Rapid-Fire session are just two more ways to get more value this year than ever.

P.S.S. Additional $419 Bonus: Take a look at the special free package offered by one of these consultants in this package. It’s about $400 more value just for attending!