Discount Offered on Wage Reporting Software for Contractors Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy

Nov. 12, 2012
Offer lasts as long as there’s work related to Hurricane Sandy.

Catastrophe risk modeling firm EQECAT says total damage from Hurricane Sandy could be up to $50 billion, second only to Hurricane Katrina. But the billions of dollars of government money that will flow to contractors for rebuilding come with strings attached. The Davis-Bacon act requires contractors receiving government money to fill out forms proving they paid prevailing wages.

Software company Points North offers a product that automates this process and includes up-to-date necessary state and federal forms (like the Federal WH-347 or the New Jersey EEO Monthly Workforce Report AA-202). Since many East Coast contractors are taking on government work for the first time, the company is offering a 35% discount on implementation fees for all storm-related projects.

“Our offer is to help the companies who are out there doing this, especially those doing certified payroll reporting for the first time,” CEO and President John Foucault says. “Now they can concentrate on getting the work done.”

The offer is open to any contractor or subcontractor doing Sandy-related rebuilding work, even if they’ve done certified payroll reporting before.

There are three ways to use Certified Payroll Reporting. Contractors already using large payroll providers like Paychex, Ceridian, KTBS, and STG can import their payroll file and easily view the correct forms filled out and ready to sign. Contractors who don’t have a payroll file can quickly enter the data into a simple interface. And for very time-strapped contractors, Points North will fill out the forms at an hourly rate.

Since speed is of the essence in a rebuilding effort, the set-up process is quick. Larger companies can expect to be up and running within the week and smaller contractors can often be serviced as soon as the next day. Contractors can also get paid faster with the software, as agencies won’t pay until certified payroll reports are filed.

Many contractors will be working on government projects for the first time in Sandy’s wake, and the software helps them stay on the right side of the law. There are strict penalties ranging from fines to debarment for underpayment, and contractors are ultimately responsible for the mistakes of their subcontractors. The software is web-based so the contractor can keep track of certified payroll reports from any computer. Contractors who enter their payroll information manually will save at least $100 with the discount and the companies who have a payroll file will save $300, but Points North is also offering group discounts on a case-by-case basis if, for example, a contractor wants all subcontractors to use the software.

To take advantage of the discount, call 888-561-2072 toll-free, or visit The program includes free one­-on-one training and phone support and can be set up in a matter of days. Foucault says his company is committed to helping the rebuilding effort.

“This offer lasts as long as there’s work for Hurricane Sandy,” Foucault says.

Points North is a leading expert in prevailing wage reporting. The Minnesota-based software firm developed Certified Payroll Reporting, an innovative software application that has streamlined the weekly reporting process for thousands of contractors throughout the country. The software automates the weekly reporting process by integrating with popular payroll solutions, and comes fully equipped with forms that adhere to the Department of Labor requirements.