Entran II Radiant Hose Settlement Reached

Feb. 17, 2009
Deadline for filing claims is Nov. 19, 2009

There is a $324 million settlement to pay homeowners for claims related to defective hose used in radiant heating and snow melting systems. The hose — Entran II — is manufactured by Goodyear, and is also known as Twintran, Nytrace, Entran II Trace, Entran II Wire, Entran 2, Entran 2 Trace, and Entran 2 Wire.

Claim payments vary depending on the extent of the property damage and the type of installation, such as in-slab or staple-up. The maximum amount payable to any claimant will be determined by multiplying the square footage of a floor area heated with a particular type of installation by the predetermined costs per square foot of remediating the system.

Claimants who have or had severe property damage due to system leaks could receive up to 50% or more of their maximum claim.

Claimants who have or had less severe property damages, including corrosion or other problems could receive up to 30% or more of their maximum claim.

Homeowners who have Entran II hose but have not suffered any damage may also file a claim.

Visit www.entraniisettlement.com or call 800/254-9222 for additional information.