Nordyne Partners with Wrightsoft forProposal Software Solutions

April 26, 2010
Research says sales are influenced positively by in-home presentations.

Nordyne and Wrightsoft have launched three new in-homing selling software products for dealers. Starting April 21, dealers will have access to ComfortQuote™ Pro Plus, ComfortQuote™ Pro Sales and ComfortQuote™-J Mobile.

All three software products feature easy-to-use design software and will be able to compute ACCA-approved Manual J load calculations in the United States and F280 in Canada.

“Dealers have used our Web-based ComfortQuote product for years now, but this new product will allow them to accomplish much more – such as load calculations and comparisons between a traditional setup and dual fuel, for instance,” says Carol Baker, vice president of marketing for Nordyne.

ComfortQuote Pro Plus and ComfortQuote Pro Sales are preloaded with branded product images, technical information and presentation templates for dealer convenience. Dealers will be able to also upload their own accessories and pricing to the software. “Research shows that homeowners spend 57 percent more on HVAC when contractors give them an in-home presentation on their laptop,” adds Baker. “ComfortQuote will help dealers capture the maximum sales amount for added profitability.” For full details on the three new ComfortQuote products, including pricing options, dealers should visit or talk with their distributors.