Daikin Begins New, Three-TierWarranty Program

July 27, 2012
Some qualifications apply.

Daikin AC (Americas), Inc. announced to its Distribution network a newly enhanced 3-tier warranty program for all its VRV, mini split and Daikin Altherma product lines. These new, robust warranty offerings reflect Daikin AC’s confidence in the quality and reliability of the full product line.

Daikin AC’s new warranty offerings are:

  • New Daikin Standard limited liability warranty
  • Daikin Warranty Plus™ limited liability warranty
  • Daikin Care extended warranty.

According to sources, Daikin AC has positioned itself as an industry leader in quality and warranty coverage.

New Standard Limited Liability Warranty: This covers all Daikin equipment that has been properly installed per Daikin AC’s published training and installation guidelines. Under the terms of the new Standard warranty, product registration is strongly encouraged. All Daikin products may be registered online at daikincare.com.

New Daikin Warranty Plus Limited Liability Warranty: Among many other advantages, Dealers qualifying for the Daikin Warranty Plus program will benefit from an extended warranty period at no cost. To qualify, products must be registered by a Daikin dealer who has reached the required Daikin training points and purchased through an authorized Daikin distributor or manufacturer’s representative. In order to receive the Daikin Warranty Plus limited warranty, the product must be installed by a Daikin trained dealer in accordance with all of Daikin’s published instructions. Daikin Altherma equipment installed must include a completed Daikin Altherma Commissioning Report. VRV equipment must include a VRV Commissioning report and a minimum of two hours of Service Checker data. All Daikin equipment must have regular maintenance and records must be provided if requested by Daikin AC. The product must be registered online by the Daikin dealer who installed the equipment at daikincare.com.

Daikin Care Extended Warranty Coverage: In addition to Daikin AC’s new Standard warranty offering and Daikin Warranty Plus offering, Daikin AC is pleased to announce the new Daikin Care Extended warranty coverage. Under the new program, any of Daikin AC’s current offerings may be extended to five or 10 years for parts, labor, or both.

Daikin Care is very competitively priced and offers end users additional peace of mind at a reasonable cost. Further information regarding the Daikin Care extended warranty can be found at daikincare.com, or by contacting a Daikin Authorized manufacturer’s representative or distributor.

“After seven years of successful product sales and life cycle analysis of Daikin AC’s product lines, we have determined that the quality and reliability of our product has not only met, but exceeded our expectations for quality and warranty failure rates. This has allowed Daikin to enhance its warranty offerings to allow our customers to better position Daikin as a leader in the market,” says Tom Pivovar, director of technical service.