Smart Products: April 2010

April 1, 2010
Take your company to the next level with Contracting Business' Smart Products — a section featuring the latest technical and business management tools from leading manufacturers and service providers.

Air Intake Filter Captures Debris Before It Enters the System
Custom sized filter screen reduces maintenance, downtime and energy consumption by trapping debris before it enters the air intake fins and coils. Dirty/clogged air intakes restrict air flow causing equipment to run for longer cycles at reduced capacity and higher temperatures. Filter has very low resistance to air flow and cleans easily with a broom, allowing for more service calls per day. Easy to install and profitable add-on sale. Visit, e-mail mailtp:[email protected] or call 800-882-8012. — Permatron Corporation CIRCLE 151

Wireless Refrigerant Scale
Fieldpiece Instruments’ new SRS2 Wireless Refrigerant Scale is the only scale of its kind. The SRS2 delivers accurate measurements in a heavy duty design and eliminates the clumsy wires that normally connect the hand-held controller and display to the scale platform. The SRS2 features a wireless remote with a bright blue backlight and a flip-up magnetic ‘hat’ for easy reading. The heavy duty platform is constructed of solid aluminum with ruggedized rubber bumpers. A recessed tank platform and diamond plate pad hold refrigerant cylinders firmly, and the remote stores conveniently in the bottom of the platform. The SRS2 features push button zeroing (tare) and syncing between the remote and the platform. A 33-ft. range gives technicians options while working. — Fieldpiece CIRCLE 152

The new YELLOW JACKET® BULLET™ is a highly efficient, two-stage, rotary vane, oil-sealed vacuum pump that pulls down to 25 microns or better. Its features a wide mouth oil reservoir that doubles as a pump exhaust; large oil sight glass for easy monitoring of oil level; large brass oil drain for easy access to fast oil changes; internal intake check valve to prevent oil backup into the system during a power failure; intake filter screen to keep damaging particles from entering the pump. It is designed and made in the U.S.A. and comes with a two year limited over-the-counter warranty. or 800-769-8370 — YELLOW JACKET® Products Division of Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc. CIRCLE 154