Danfoss Participates in Global Energy Forum

June 9, 2009
Worldwide energy use is the topic

Danfoss, a global leader in providing sustainable, energy-efficient solutions for refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and motion controls, was industry co-host of the Energy Efficiency Global Forum held in Paris in late April and sponsored by the Alliance to Save Energy.

Danfoss CEO, Niels Bjorn Christiansen, joined political, academic and business leaders – including those from appliance manufacturers Whirlpool and Trane – for the only international energy efficiency forum to advance the dialog on energy-efficient solutions.

The leaders explored the new energy paradigm – from economic stimulus funding in the U.S., to new government mandates in Europe, to the potential role of energy efficiency upcoming United Nations climate negotiations in December. Danfoss is an official partner of the conference, otherwise known as COP15.

“What we need is the political awareness and the relevant legislation to drive energy efficiency change around the globe,” Christiansen said in his address, “Improving Energy Efficiency: How Danfoss Meets the Challenge.”

“A lot of attention and money are being directed toward renewable energy sources such as wind power, and for very good reasons. But if we get a similar push for improving energy efficiency, the payback will be attractive,” he noted.

Christiansen added that industries need to apply existing technologies more broadly to improve energy efficiency across the board. “The relevant technologies are available,” he said. “There are companies in most industries that possess the competencies and have the products – today.”

According to Christiansen, Danfoss has a 75-year history of effectively reducing energy consumption in the HVAC and industrial controls markets.

“It all boils down to improving energy efficiency, because one kilowatt hour saved is one kilowatt less that needs to be produced,” Christiansen concluded.

Following his keynote remarks, Christiansen was interviewed by E&ETV to discuss his views on the role of energy efficiency in the industry. To view the full interview, go to www.eenews.net/tv/2009/05/11. For more details about the Energy Efficiency Global Forum, visit eeglobalforum.org.