Blue Thermostat Features Logical Installer Setup Menu

April 1, 2006
img src="/images/archive/13901smartprods_00000006758.jpg" width="84" height="67" border="0" align="right"The 90 Series Blue touchscreen thermostat from
The 90 Series Blue touchscreen thermostat from White-Rodgers delivers advanced features, including: simple and logical installer menu setup; programming and operation with audio confirmation; temporary vacation overrides; filter-change reminders; temperature accuracy within +/- one degree; and improved security features. Advanced technology, intuitive operation, and temperature accuracy keep customers comfortable and protects HVAC systems. With the industry's largest touchscreen (12 and temperature readout, colorcoded temperature keys, and extra-large touch keys, the 90 Series is designed to help contractors be successful during the 13 SEER transition. — White-Rodgers