AHR Expo

Jan. 1, 2008
January 22 - 24, 2008 New York City Join us for a walk-through of the AHR Expo, where we spotlight some the editors must-see products at this years show

January 22 - 24, 2008 New York City

Join us for a walk-through of the AHR Expo, where we spotlight some the editors’ must-see products at this year’s show ...

— Booth 2364

Miller-Leaman, Inc. is introducing its stainless steel Thompson Strainers, designed for cooling tower water, chilled water, process cooling, and other applications.

The strainers are available with a large variety of screen mesh options, ranging from large perforated hole-openings down to 50-micron. All models operate with less than a 1-psi pressure loss (when clean).

The strainers can be customized to fit the specific requirements of the project, and can be outfitted with optional instrumentation packages, including a pressure differential alarm package (PDA) and automatic timer flush package (ATFEA- 1.5). Strainers are available for full stream and side stream applications.

Charles Austen Pumps
— Booth 7942

Using the same rotary diaphragm technology as the company’s Blue Diamond, Charles Austen Pumps has launched the Mini Blue — a compact and lightweight design that is the only miniature pump that can quietly self prime and run both wet and dry, the company says. Mini- Blue not only retrofits into existing trunking but can also be placed remotely anywhere around the air handler.

Designed for use in condensing boilers the Mini Blue line will quickly and efficiently remove water out to drain. Its compact design eliminates the difficulties involved with placing a bulky tank pump and reduces flood risks by not allowing the condensate to build up before dispensing it to drain.

The wet and dry running capabilities allow removal to immediately take place when water is produced. Other application ideas include an internal lift pump for cassette units, again removing the necessity for an aftermarket tank pump.

Bryan Steam
— Booth 1959

Bryan Steam is introducing a new high efficiency Compliance+ HE-AB Series Boiler at the AHR Expo. The new boiler is equipped with the new Power Flame NOVA Plus II ultra low NOx gas burner capable of achieving sub 9 ppm.

This new burner features a unique metallic fiber mesh head design for reliable and consistent performance. The Compliance+ HE-AB Series Boiler features a guaranteed combustion efficiency of 85%. The high efficiency results from a uniquely designed integrated extended surface heat extractor and is supported by 7 sq.ft. of heating surface per boiler horsepower.

This forced draft gas-fired water boiler runs at normal operating temperatures, without the need to provide for the expense or complications of special venting and/or condensing material.

Bryan will also exhibit a Compliance+ RV Series Low NOx (sub 30 ppm) Boiler. Available in eight sizes up to 8,000 mbh input.

Desert Aire
— Booth 328

Desert Aire is displaying its ExpertAire Series dehumidifiers at AHR 2008, a unit that replaces several of the company’s product lines including its IH, WC, PD and PDW products.

Available in 1- to 15-tons, ExpertAire is designed to dehumidify industrial, commercial and residential applications such as pool rooms and libraries, manufacturing plants, water and wastewater treatment plants, among others. Several key component upgrades provide ExpertAire enhanced performance over its predecessors.

According to Desert Aire, one major improvement is the standard offering of R-410A refrigerant on all sizes of ExpertAire dehumidifiers. Because of the pending refrigerant changeover within the HVAC industry, Desert Aire has elected to immediately introduce R-410A in its ExpertAire Series units, thus optimizing its design and performance. The current industry standard refrigerant, R-22, will still be available as an option.

Another significant enhancement with the ExpertAire Series is the use of coils with a rifled tube, lanced fin design. These coils yield moisture removal capacity with a low pressure drop for the blower, providing an optimized moisture removal efficiency (MRE) value between four (4) and six (6). Desert Aire is currently in the process of obtaining ARI certification for ExpertAire based upon these improved MRE values.

Daikin AC
— 1803

Daikin AC (Americas), Inc. is featuring its VRV III system, which features a 460V three phase power supply, larger capacity up to 20- tons, connection up to 41 indoor units from one piping network, and excellent part load efficiency performance.

The VRV III system is the seventh generation of the original Daikin VRV launched in 1982. It offers advanced zoning capability with up to 200% diversity, a refrigerant auto-charge function, the longest piping length in the VRF segment, and, of course, features Daikin inverter compressor technology, the company says.

The VRV III system is designed to answer larger scale building applications and directly compete with traditional central plant technology.

Daikin AC is also launching an extremely compact cassette indoor fan coil able to fit flush into standard architectural ceiling grids without cutting the ceiling tiles

Fenwal Controls
— Booth 2067

Fenwa l Cont rol s ha s achieved broad international agency approvals for its reengineered 35-6X series of 24 volt gas igni tion controls. Third party agency approvals include Australian Gas Association (AGA), the Canadian Gas Association (CSA) and CE to the latest standard, EN 298:2003. Additionally the series is recognized under the UL component program, UL 372.

With these new international approvals, the controls can be seamlessly integrated into gas-fired appliances such as HVAC, boilers, commercial cooking equipment, radiant/infrared heaters, and furnaces for installation in North America, Europe or Australia.

The series includes a standard direct spark ignition control (35-60), a direct spark ignition control with combustion blower relay (35-61) and intermittent pilot/spark-to-pilot control (35-63).

— Booth 1929

Magna, the newest wet rotor circulator by Grundfos, now enters North America after years of duty in Europe. Magna’s broad performance range, with three cast iron models now available, covers flows from 10 to 170 gpm, making it an ideal choice for many hydronic, radiant heat, and snowmelt applications, the company says.

The circulator’s patented Autoadapt control function automatically adjusts performance to meet demand and save energy. It “learns” what works best for the system, continually changing its settings to provide the temperature and comfort required.

According to Grundfos , Magna pumps exceed the performance of simpler, proportional-pressure circulators. Though proportional pressure pumps operate with a higher minimum head (pressure), the Magna retains a very low foot point at 5-ft. The factory-set curve already saves more energy than an ordinary proportional pressure setting. As flow demand increases, the pump pressure follows the AutoAdapt performance setting until the pump operates on the maximum curve. At that point it continues downwards until it reaches the required flow. When flow is reduced, the Magna learns what the system needs and sets a new, lower pump speed. It analyzes system conditions and adjusts its performance accordingly.

Three stainless steel models will soon join the Magna lineup, available for use with a wide range of domestic and hydronic system uses.

Hallowell International
— Booth 8076

Hallowell International will be featuring the new environmentally friendly and energy efficient Acadia, combined heating and cooling system — an AHR Expo Innovation Award winner.

The Acadia, a single system engineered to comfortably and efficiently heat and cool homes no matter what the weather outside, is both economical and environmentally friendly. As a patented, next generation heat pump, the engineers at Hallowell International developed their patented Opti- Cycle booster that enables the Acadia to run efficiently in temperatures as cold as -30F.

EWC Controls
— Booth 1356

EWC Controls’ Ultra-Zone Internet zone thermostats (IZT-100/250) provide a rich set of innovative features including the ability to configure settings through a graphical interface either locally or from any remote location. The thermostats can be connected via secure wired Ethernet to a home, small business, or light commercial data network.

The IZT-100 Internet Zone Thermostat takes full advantage of Ethernet networks and the Internet to use the converged in-home or business network for HVAC control. The Internet zone thermostat product line is compatible with typical HVAC systems and offers all the features expected by home system integrators and commercial installers.

Internet Zone Thermostats can deliver e-mail status and alerts to any personal computer or mobile text messaging device. A service provider or monitoring service can monitor, diagnose and control HVAC systems from a remote central location. This allows the provider to offer unprecedented energy management and service to its customers, and creates new service revenue opportunities.

Patterson Pump
— Booth 2727

Patterson’s Pro-Max HVAC close-coupled Ver tical In-line Pumps offer reliability and full flexibility to serve all HVAC applications, the company says. They’re engineered in a high-efficiency design that minimizes energy consumption.

Their precision cast, dynamically balanced impeller minimizes vibration and maximizes bearing life. Flows to 2,500 gpm, with heads to 400-ft. tdh. Split-coupled models also available.

Vibration Management Corp.
— Booth 7932

VIMCO will introduce its 3-in. deflection SSM series seismic spring isolators with built-in alldirectional snubbing . This series is designed to withstand seismic forces of 2G, making it suitable for most critical applications including seismic zone 4.

Snubbing element is molded from high quality neoprene, and housing is constructed of steel with rugged zinc-metallized finish. Model SSM isolators are also available in 1-in. and 2-in. deflection series.

— Booth 2238

Developed by Nordyne and Panasonic, the 23-SEER Westinghouse air conditioners with iQ Drive use inverter rotary technology to achieve the highest efficiency level available, the company says.

The 23-SEER systems feature a small footprint, a display-screen thermostat control and a high-grade-steel motor. With a sound-absorbing base, swept fan blade, fixed upper bearing and lower discharge and muffler, the new units also deliver decreased energy bills, better dehumidification and the lowest sound levels in the industry, according to Nordyne. Compliant with North American industry standards for POE/ PVE oil and environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant, the Westinghouse 23-SEER systems are available in 2, 3 and 4 ton capacities.

In addition, Westinghouse’s 23-SEER air conditioner with iQ Drive is a winner of an AHR Innovation Award

Reliable Controls
— Booth 158

The Reliable Controls MACH-Stat is a fullyprogrammable, versatile BACnet controller designed for space control applications where user access is required without the need of a PC. The large LCD screen allows operators to access/ view/change/override up to 42 different points within a Reliable Controls MACH-System.

The MACHStat can be ordered with optional realtime clock for stand -alone applications, setpoint slider, humidity sensor, and occupancy sensor.

The Reliable Controls MACH-Stat space controller is a excellent solution to any new or replacement thermostat application, the company says, and ships with the Reliable Controls fiveyear warranty.

Lennox International
— Booth 667

Winner of a 2008 AHR Innovation Award in the IAQ category, the new Lennox International Humiditrol dehumidification system for split systems provides businesses an innovative solution for improving indoor air quality.

The Humiditrol dehumidification system offers space dehumidification without overcool ing in one easy-to-use system.

If a room or building’s humidity level exceeds the system’s setpoint, the SignatureStat control activates the Humiditrol system, which works with the heating and cooling system to remove excess moisture by reheating cooled air. By reducing humidity, this patented reheat design helps control the growth of mold, mildew and dust mites that have been linked to allergies and asthma.

Based on the award-winning Humiditrol dehumidification system originally developed for rooftop units, the new system is a secondary coil installed downstream of the evaporator. Now available as a field-installed accessory, the Humiditrol dehumidification system can be matched with three-phase S-Class and T-Class 3- to 5-ton R-410A commercial air conditioning or heat pump split systems.

ICM Controls
— Booth 259

ICM Controls will showcase its new Universal Motor Starting Relays (UMSR). The UMSR is a wire-for-wire replacement for all standard potential relays that operate a single-phase motor with a voltage range of 110-502 VAC. The new relay is ideal for applications such as A/C, commercial refrigeration, heat pumps or any single-phase motor application up to 10 HP.

Unique to the UMSR is its patented differential voltage sensing technology that ensures the exact starting voltage for each motor, every time; there are no user adjustments to make at set-up, making installation easy. Additionally, a single UMSR unit can be used in place of hundreds of competitive models, translating into cost-savings through inventory reduction.

The UMSR is available in two standard models: the UMSR30 and UMSR50, which feature 30A and 50A switching capabilities respectively. Two enhanced models are also being offered: the UMSRe- 30 and UMSRe-50. The “E” Series models are designed with advanced circuitry that intelligently discharges stray D.C. voltage from the starting capacitor to prevent contactor welding under extreme circumstances. All versions feature a non-positional mounting configuration.

— Booth 7509

REHAU will launch its new professional contractor development program for the North American market at the AHR Expo.

The unique program will provide members with heating and plumbing system training sessions, design services, merchandising materials, local networking meetings, and regional and national VIP events.

REHAU will also display its complete line of RAUPEX and INSULPEX pipe, EVERLOC fittings, PRO-BALANCE manifolds and the RAUPANEL radiant heating system.