A Good Fit: Two Associations Join to Form NCPMA

Jan. 9, 2012
Mechanical Contractors of North Carolina and Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors of North Carolina form NCPMA.

The North Carolina Plumbing and Mechanical Association was signed into existence last week, completing a year-long merger between two long-standing trade associations. After years of consideration and unanimous approval from their memberships, Mechanical Contractors of North Carolina (MC of NC) and Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors of North Carolina (PHCC-NC) combined their nearly 150 years of service to the state to form a new trade association, NCPMA.


“We believe that completing this merger is important because it is for the greater good of our industry,” says Charlie Oxford, the outgoing President of PHCC-NC. “Combining the efforts of PHCC-NC and MC of NC into one association will allow us to better serve the industry.”

Rodney Pressley, outgoing President of MC of NC echoed Oxford’s feelings and looked towards the future. “As members of MC of NC, we are very excited about this merger and look forward to getting everyone involved to make NCPMA a great association,” Pressley says.

Continuing with the tradition of its predecessors, NCPMA will exist for the benefit of its members, the enhancement of the cooling, heating and plumbing industries in the state and the safety and well being of the citizens affected by these trades. NCPMA will continue to provide numerous professional development classes and opportunities, beginning with a professional education series that began earlier this month. These classes will satisfy continuing education credits for license renewal and will be provided at locations throughout the state.

“We're very excited about what the future holds,” says Jim Pendergrass, executive director of NCPMA. “Together, the members and leaders of NCPMA are ready to forge ahead and fulfill what is sure to be a promising future for our organization and our industries as a whole.”

For more information, visit NCPMA’s new website, www.nc-pma.org.