2006 High Efficiency Air Conditioning Guide

March 1, 2006
The curtains officially up on the new, 13 SEER+ units from the industrys leading manufacturers. For more information on any of these products, visit us

The curtain’s officially up on the new, 13 SEER+ units from the industry’s leading manufacturers. For more information on any of these products, visit us online at

Company or Brand/Model Compressor Type Efficiency Refrigerant Used Sound Level Elect. Rating/ Breaker Size Dimensions (in.) and weight Special Features AIR EASE
Copeland Scroll13 SEERR-410A73-77 dB15-60 ampsvariousSound blanket, louvered panels, wire fan guardAMANA
High-efficiency Copeland Scroll14 SEERR-410An/a20-60 amps26H x 26W x 36D* wt. n/a *other sizes availableCopeland Comfort Alert ® diagnosticsAMERICAN STANDARD
Allegiance 18
Dual Duration ™18.9 SEERR-2272-78 dBn/a41H x 37W x 34D 404-416 lbs. (ship wt.)Two-row spine fin coilARCOAIRE
Copeland Scroll13 SEERR-410A70-75 dB11.7-34.329 1 ⁄8 H x 31 3 ⁄16 W x 32 5 ⁄16 D* 160-265 lbs. *other sizes availableCompressor sound jacketARMSTRONG AIR 4SCU16LT
Copeland Scroll16 SEERR-410A74-76 dB15-60 ampsvariousEmerson ® ComfortAlert diagnosticsBRYANT
Two-stage scroll16 to 20 SEERPuron R-410A70 dB208-230-1 or 208-230-3 breakers40H x 35 1⁄2 W x 46D 300-360 lbs.7mm Microtube refrigeration technologyCARRIER
Infinity 21 Series
Two-stage scroll16 to 21 SEERPuron R-410A70 dBMCA: 13.9; Max. Fuse/Ckt. Bkr:2040H x 35W x 46D 300-320 lbs.State-of-the-art control interfaceCOLEMAN
Echelon™ 5T
Two-stage scroll15+SEERR-410A71-74dB20-50 amps33-39H x 37W x 31D 195-270 lbs.WhisperDrive systemCOMFORTMAKER
SoftSound SX 2300
Copeland Scroll13 to 14 SEERR-410A70-75 dB11.7-34.3 amps29 1 ⁄8 H x 31 3 ⁄16 W x 32 5 ⁄16 D* 160-265 lbs. *other sizes availableInnovative control box designCONCORD/ DUCANE
Scroll and reciprocating13 SEERR-22Ducane: 74-79 dB Concord: n/a15-45 ampsvariousLouvered or non-louvered option; hinged access panelFEDDERS
Copeland Scroll13 SEERR-22n/a15-50 amps23 1 ⁄2 H x 23 1 ⁄2 W x 27D* 118-241 lbs. *other sizes availableTotally enclosed PSC motorCompany or Brand/Model Compressor Type Efficiency Refrigerant Used Sound Level Elect. Rating/ Breaker Size Dimensions (in.) and weight Special Features FRIGIDAIRE
Copeland Scroll16 SEERR-410An/a20 amps41H x 31W x 31D 253 lb.Variable speed motor reduces fan noiseGOODMAN
GCS13 Series
Copeland reciprocating13 SEERR-22 for 15-ft. of refrigerant lines76-80 dB15-50 amps26H x 26W x 29D* 173-258 lbs. *other sizes availableFactory installed liquid line filter dryerHEIL
QuietComfort DX1300
Copeland Scroll13 SEERR-410A70-75 dB11.7- 34.3 amps29 7 ⁄16 H x 31 3 ⁄16 W x 32 5 ⁄16 D* 160-265 lbs. *other sizes availableCompressor access panelLENNOX
XC15 / XP15
Copeland Scroll13-16.5 SEERR-410Amin. 64 dB17.4 amps39 1 ⁄2 H x 35 1 ⁄2 W x 37D 273 lbs.SmartHinge design for easy coil accessLUXAIRE
Acclimate 5T
Two-stage scroll15+SEERR-410A71-74 dB20-50 amps33-37H x 37W x 31D 195-285 lbs.Advanced fan design for smooth air flowMAYTAG
Copeland Scroll13 SEERR-410An/a20 amps36H x 23W x 23D 157 lbs.One-piece top provides max. airflowRHEEM
Prestige Series
Copeland Scroll18 SEERR-410A70.2 dBmin amps: 30/30 max amps: 40/4033H x 44W x 31D 236 lbs.Exclusive lower profile cabinetTAPPAN
Copeland Scroll Ultra-Tech16 SEERR-410An/a20 amps41H x31W x 31D 253 lbs.One-piece top designed for maximum airflowTEMPSTAR
SmartComfort TX 5300
Copeland Scroll13 SEERR-410A70-75 dB11.7-34.3 amps29 7 ⁄16 H x 31 3 ⁄16 W x 32 5⁄16 D* 160-265 lbs. *other sizes availableHigh/low pressure switchesTRANE
Dual Climatuff ®Up to 19.5 SEERR-410A72 dBV/PH/HZ = 200/230/1/6050H x 37W x 34D 392 lbs.DuraTuff basepan will not crack or warpWESTINGHOUSE
Copeland Scroll Ultra-Tech16 SEERR-410An/a20 amps41H x 31W x 31D 253 lbs.Variable speed motor reduces fan noiseYORK
[mc]2 MicroChannel
1-2 tons: rotary 3 tons: recip.13 SEERR-2274-76 dB8.9-18.2 amps22H x 21W x 21D 85-140 lbs.Aluminum tube coil, for lightest 13 SEER to date


Get NATE certification

Familiarize yourself with 13 SEER regulations to be able to answer any possible homeowner questions

Prepare for increase in R-410A utilization:

  • 2010: all new installations must be R-410A
  • Get refrigerant charge correct per manufacturer instructions
  • If you’re not using R-410A yet, make sure your gauges can measure the higher pressures
  • Make sure recover units handle R-410A, older units will not

For New Systems

Review Manual J to ensure proper unit sizing and installation

Get technical training on new products:

  • Understand your OEM’s system matches
  • Coils, TXVs, line sets, compressors, refrigerants
  • Motors
  • System set-up, troubleshooting, installation
  • IAQ and control products
  • Accessories, HRVs, filtering, controls

For Existing Systems

Know the impact of matching new outdoor units with old and new indoor units (warranty and performance)

Bring TXVs to all job sites: many systems will require them

Know how to properly clean a system

  • Filter dryers, oil removal, coil cleaning


Know the rules and products affected by the efficiency increase ( i.e., tonnage, single/three phase, residential/light commercial, etc.)

Take advantage of distributor and manufacturer training programs

Talk to your distributors about the support they will provide during and after the transition, and understand impact on deliveries, stock, etc.

Increase stocking space for equipment: new equipment can be 30% larger

Establish increased supply of TXVs, line sets

Reorganize trucks to accommodate larger/heavier equipment

Buy larger trucks if needed

Look at crew size to accommodate larger equipment and to maximize labor


Establish phase-in/ phase-out of inventory:

  • Add new part numbers for new inventory

Upgrade pricing software to include new components and manufacturing parts, equipment and labor


Do a margin analysis on systems and get salespeople on track with how to sell and improve margins

Expand your line of credit: new equipment is more expensive

Sit down with your builders and change house plans to accommodate new equipment and pricing

Understand manufacturer warranty impact on business and customers

Define warranty issues concerning mismatched systems

Update bid packages to allow for new costs (equipment and labor)

Before You Visit the Customer

Plan to raise prices to provide profitability

Learn new products and how to differentiate between them:

  • Understand indoor comfort story

Compare new products to old to better explain the differences and benefits to homeowners

Schedule and attend sales training:

  • Learn how to sell on comfort benefits along with efficiency

Become proficient in Manual J load calculations so that you quote the proper size — do not oversize a 13 SEER unit

Re-do pitch book to show new products and use manufacturer literature on new products

Install a 13 SEER, variable-speed system and IAQ products in your home to experience them first hand

Understand warranties, costs and impact on customers

When Meeting with the Customer

Discuss utility and government rebates to help customers when buying upgraded equipment

Sell on homeowner benefits: explain product features and technology benefits the customer can understand

Sell service agreements to keep systems running and provide product confidence

Position your business as a comfort and IAQ specialist rather than just a low-price bidder

Add new financing options that will make it easier for consumers to afford new systems (positive cash flow payments) ?Offer ductwork sealing and improvements to ensure proper functioning of new equipment

Know the benefits of when to replace and when to repair a system for a customer