New Owners for Aaron York's Quality Air

Oct. 8, 2009
Aaron York’s Quality Air Conditioning & Heating, Indianapolis, IN, announces a change in ownership and leadership within the company.

Aaron York’s Quality Air Conditioning & Heating announces a change in ownership and leadership within the company.

York’s Quality Air has been serving central Indiana’s commercial and residential heating and cooling needs for over 32 years.

Karen York Conover and her husband, Kris Conover, purchased the company from Karen's father, Aaron York. Karen will serve as CEO of the company while Aaron will continue to stay on for a period of time in an advisory and mentoring capacity.

“Success can be measured in many ways and I am certainly humbled by the blessings life has provided me and my family.” Aaron York says. “After managing this business and serving my community for over three decades I am honored to be able to turn it over to one of my children who will continue this effort.”

Karen brings a leadership to the company that's firmly grounded in a shared vision she shares with her father:to always provide great quality service to clients. She says she looks forward to bringing a woman’s perspective to what has commonly been a male-driven industry.

“I find that in our residential market especially, it is a woman who greets the technician. These women are looking for cleanly dressed, professional technicians who can speak to them plainly, so we need to cater to them.” Conover says. “I'm proud of what my father has done for this company, our employees, and our community, and I'm blessed to be in a position where we can offer all our clients a second generation of quality service built on trust.”

Karen plans to grow both the commercial and residential sides of the business by focusing on great customer service and front end response. To do this, she will continue to manage the same outstanding team that has always provided their clients with professional service and insight.

Joining Karen’s team will be her husband, Kris Conover. Kris brings a strong business acumen to the team. As a former Executive Vice President of The Schneider Corporation, a multi-service engineering firm headquartered in Indianapolis, he helped expand Schneider’s business by opening branch offices in multiple cities and starting new service lines for the company. He brings over 26 years of expertise in management, marketing and sales to York’s Quality Air.

Karen’s twin brother, Aaron York II, will continue with his role in the family business. Working at York’s Quality Air since its inception in 1977, he will continue to guide and grow the business with his technical expertise and industry knowledge.

As Karen Conover transitions into her new role, Aaron York will look to focus more of his energy on assisting local charitable organizations and creating the Aaron York Training Academy - a vision of his for many years. “The training school is not only for York’s Quality Air employees, but for other businesses as well,” York says. “In an industry currently lacking in training resources, the academy will keep HVAC technicians informed as well as teach them how to efficiently help customers cut utility costs and become more environmentally friendly.”