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    Armstrong Mechanical Celebrates'April Cool's Day'

    April 9, 2010
    Employees of Armstrong Mechanical is making consumers aware of the importance of cooling equipment maintenance.

    Commuters in Lubbock, TX had a reason to smile on their way to work on the morning of April 1st. There to greet them along the way were employees of Armstrong Mechanical, who smiled and waved to drivers as part of the company’s Happy “April Cools Day” greeting. The purpose of the greeting was to put a smile on the faces of the back-to-work crowd, and to help make consumers aware of the importance of cooling equipment maintenance.

    "Cooling and heating equipment use more energy than any other appliance. This inevitably shows up every month on the energy bill, but it’s important to remember that energy costs can be controlled," says Chris Carpenter, president of Armstrong Mechanical. Carpenter and other Armstrong employees are stressing the importance of scheduling annual maintenance checks to ensure their units are running efficiently.

    “Most cooling systems require very little owner maintenance. However, operating dirty cooling equipment can result in an unnecessary loss of efficiency and can damage the equipment. Homeowners play a vital role in making sure their cooling systems continue to operate at peak performance, especially during the dog days of summer,” Carpenter says.

    Armstrong Mechanical is helping consumers understand the importance of the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) in choosing equipment, and tax credits. Armstrong Mechanical has been providing service in the Lubbock area for more than 75 years.