• Tools & Instruments: Hard at Work and In Tune

    April 1, 2009
    Airserco Airserco Manufacturing's Thermal Engineering division introduces the 4975, a combination charging scale and digital vacuum gauge. As the first


    Airserco Manufacturing's Thermal Engineering division introduces the 4975, a combination charging scale and digital vacuum gauge. As the first launch of its new Adaptable Tool Series, the 4975 scale/vac combo tool fits in to one compact carrying case and eliminates the need for the service technician to carry multiple tools, sources say.
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    American Standard

    American Standard introduces AccuLink, a system that accurately charges itself while digitally enabling the American Standard Allegiance and Heritage 18 outdoor units and Freedom 95 furnaces to be automatically and properly connected.

    AccuLink features Charge Assist, which automatically delivers the precise amount of refrigerant needed for every installation and then shuts itself off.
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    Amprobe Test Tools introduces the ACD-14 PLUS, a 600 amp clamp-on multimeter with dual display that allows simultaneous reading of amperage and voltage. Its complete set of measurement features makes it an ideal tool for HVAC and electrical applications.
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    Emerson Climate Technologies

    The Emerson Climate Technologies UltraTech communicating system delivers the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. It uses UltraTech thermostats, and indoor and outdoor control boards, combined with the Copeland Scroll UltraTech two-stage compressor, and the Emerson UltraTech four-wire variable-speed blower motor. Using ClimateTalk, the UltraTech components can have two-way conversations, sharing information on configuration, operation, and monitoring.
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    Fluke Corporation announced the high-performance Fluke Ti25 and Fluke Ti10 Thermal Imagers. The Fluke Ti25 and Ti10 are designed as a complete thermal imaging solution for everyday troubleshooting and maintenance of electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, process equipment, HVACR equipment, and other industrial and electrical equipment.
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    General Tools and Instruments

    General Tools & Instruments has introduced a new portable hand-held Borescope system (Model DCS1500). Using a flexible fiber optic cable connected to a video viewscreen and camera, this unit enables real-time visual observation, recording and remote data logging in video, or still photography of areas that are difficult to reach, dangerous to get to, or otherwise inaccessible.
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    Honeywell has introduced the C7760 Selectable Dry Bulb Temperature Sensor, and an online energy-savings estimator for economizer applications.

    The estimator uses weather data to calculate estimated savings for buildings around the globe. A report containing estimated energy savings and payback period is generated based on the information entered into the tool.
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    Malco Tools

    Malco Tools introduces the model TSHD1A turbo shears for cutting large or tight patterns common with in-shop duct fabrication. This versatile 18-gauge capacity shear cuts straight and to the left and is capable of both fast, straight shearing and navigating tight circular or square pattern cuts. It's compatible with most shop or jobsite air supplies. Long-wearing blades can be replaced on the job.
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    Metabo Corporation introduces the KHE 96 combination hammer that allows users to move between masonry drilling and demolition applications without switching tools.

    The KHE 96 SDS-Max rotary hammer can be used for drilling large diameter holes into masonry materials, as well as for heavy chiseling.
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    Midwest Tool Company

    Midwest Tool And Cutlery Company has introduced the Offset Power Cutter® model long blade aviation snips. The Offset Power Cutter® snip design makes long cuts on corrugated/raised panel metal roofing and siding, and features a 2-3/8-in. cut length and 1-in. wide opening at the blade tip.
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    PROMAX, an SPX® Brand, has launched its new RG6000 next-generation refrigerant recovery machine, engineered to deliver ARI-740 certified refrigerant recovery rates in most conditions within a small portable unit.
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    The RIDGID® 975 combo roll groover is the first RIDGID groover designed to provide both in-place and machine grooving capabilities. With grooving capacity of 1-1/4-in. to 6-in. pipe, the Model 975 also offers auto tracking technology.
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    Testo's series of digital AC/refrigeration system analyzers are rugged meters designed to help technicians set-up, analyze and maintain all A/C, heat pump and refrigeration systems. They simultaneously measure, display, and print high and low side pressure, line temperature, and calculate saturation temperatures, superheat and sub-cooling for 30 refrigerants.
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    The Uniweld UNF3 nitrogen flow indicator is a visual tool that confirms the flow of nitrogen gas through the copper lines during the brazing process. Nitrogen flow is confirmed when the float ball rises up in the flow indicator tube. If the float ball doesn't rise up in the tube, then there's static pressure and the oxygen is not being displaced.
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    Yellow Jacket®

    Ritchie Engineering Company introduces the Yellow Jacket deluxe 45 degree flaring tool for full range 1/8-in to ¾-in. O.D. soft copper. The tool features self-centering yoke grips that center without marring or constricting the tube. It has an automatic tube height gauge for accurate tubing height and a multi-faceted burnishing cone to roll out smooth, polished flare seat for a positive seal.
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