• Tech Update

    Dec. 1, 2011
    Commercial: Refrigeration Cases, Coolers, Freezers, Ice Machines, Controls Residential: Hydronic/Radiant Systems, Hot Water Heaters, Boilers, Valves/Controls, Pumps, Panels, Accumulators


    The ERC generation of parametric controllers are designed to increase energy efficiency and reduce production costs.

    The ERC refrigeration controller offers:

    • steady operation in harsh environments (triple moisture protection)
    • voltage protection algorithms for trouble free compressor operation in all climate conditions
    • special algorithms for optimization under poor power supply conditions.
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    Hoshizaki America
    Hoshizaki’s “Professional Series” reach-in refrigerators and freezers are Energy Star qualified and feature adaptive control technology. This technology is both a visual and audio alert system that monitors 10 different operations of the cabinet. The innovative “ducted” airflow design provides even distribution of cold air, eliminating hot spots. Professional Series refrigeration is constructed of stainless steel and available with half door and glass door options.
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    Master-Bilt introduces a new line of endless glass door merchandisers. The versatile TEL line offers refrigerated and frozen food retailers endless options in glass door merchandisers.

    Available in two, three, four and five door models, retailers can choose the merchandiser configurations that meet their needs. The individual units come pre-wired with cabinet-to-cabinet electrical terminal block connectors for easy case-to-case wiring.
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    A. O. Smith
    A. O. Smith introduces the Voltex hybrid electric water heater.

    The Voltex operates in one of three modes. In “efficiency” mode, the water heater relies almost entirely on the heat pump. In “hybrid” mode, it switches back and forth between the heat pump and standard electric heating elements depending on the hot water demand. In “electric” mode, the Voltex operates like a standard electric water heater and is Energy Star® rated.
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    The Bosch Greenstar™ series, available in configurations ranging from 57.2 to 151.6 MBH, use condensing technology. The condensing boilers can offer efficiency levels of up to 98.7%, turning 98.7% of the fuel used into heat.

    According to company sources, the Greenstar series wall-hanging unit comes in multiple size configurations based on need.
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    Eternal introduces its newest hybrid water heater — the GU100. It can support two simultaneous applications and provide endless and consistent hot water with minimal pressure drop. Like the other models, the GU100 has a self-cleaning stainless steel heat exchanger, is recirculation compatible, and meets new Low NOx requirements.
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    Lochinvar® introduces the Smart System™ Multi Temperature Loop Control (MTLC). Designed to simplify the integration of Knight heating boilers into multiple temperature hydronic heating systems, this compact and attractive accessory accurately controls up to three separate space heating loop temperatures, while maximizing the efficiency of the heating boiler as a primary function.
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    Navien America
    Navien America announces that all 16 of Navien America’s tankless water heaters and combination boilers meet or exceed the new SCAQMD 1146.2 Low NOx emission requirements. This includes the NR model water heater, NP model water heater, CH model of the combination boiler/water heaters.
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    Noritz has expanded its ecoTOUGH series of gas-fired residential condensing tankless water heaters with the new NRC83, an Energy Star®-rated unit designed for smaller homes and multi-family dwellings. Available in both indoor (the two-pipe, direct vent NRC83-DV) and outdoor (NRC83-OD) models, the new wall-mounted units have an energy factor (EF) of 0.92 for natural gas and 0.94 with liquid propane – approximately 30 points higher than a standard, storage tank-type, gas-fired water heater, company sources state.
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    The Quietside ODW is available in 4 capacities from 99,000 Btu/h to 199,000 Btu/h. This unit provides performance and efficiency coupled with the comfort of on demand domestic water. Using Quietside’s revolutionary S line heat exchangers, all of the units can reach efficiency levels over 93%.
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    Raypak announces its VERSA IC fully integrated boiler control.

    The new modulating or stage fire VERSA IC fully integrates temperature control, ignition, safety and individual fault monitoring. Raypak’s unique Cold Water Protection control function is now built in; simply add the appropriate 3-way valve or variable speed pump.
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    The new Rheem XR90 Extreme Recovery gas water heater is a 29-gallon unit. It has a first hour rating (FHR) of 90 gallons. The Energy Star®-qualified XR90 outperforms a 50-gallon unit by leveraging a proprietary baffle and flue design, which retains the burner’s heat longer so the unit is able to transfer more heat to the stored water.
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    Rinnai’s wall-mounted boilers use condensing technology to heat an entire home and provide domestic hot water, while operating at up to a 96.5% AFUE efficiency. Rinnai’s condensing boiler units are easily retrofitted to replace traditional, less efficient boilers or can be used in new construction.
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    Uponor launches Radiant Ready 30E, a complete radiant mechanical room package, and Fast Trak™ knobbed mats for radiant tubing installation. Ideal for remodels, retrofits and new construction, the Radiant Ready 30E is a complete radiant mechanical room designed in a compact, preassembled, easy-to-install panel.
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    Weil-McLain introduces the WM97+ boiler. The WM97+ is a wall-mounted boiler that comes in 70,000 and 110,000 BTU input models, both at a AFUE rating of 97%. The WM97+ offers a unique condensing stainless steel heat exchanger, built in boiler circulator and a built in primary secondary option.
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