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    Tubing Expander/Swager Expands 5/16-in. to 1-5/8-in O.D. Copper/Aluminum Tubing

    Nov. 1, 2006
    img src="/images/archive/43202smartprods_00000019497.jpg" width="88" height="64" border="0" align="right"Easily expand 5/16-in. to 1-5/8-in. O.D. soft
    Easily expand 5/16-in. to 1-5/8-in. O.D. soft copper and aluminum tubing in seconds. Long handles, tapered expanding pin, and other moving surfaces heat treated for long-term durability. Nine expander heads attach to the front of the handles. Use to re-round deformed tube and fitting ends and salvage shorts and scrap to make couplings. For.063-in. wall soft copper and aluminum to 1-5/8-in. O.D. (anneal hard copper prior to use); .047-in. wall soft steel to 1-1/8-in. O.D.; and .039-in. wall stainless steel to 7/8-in. O.D. UPC# 60407.YELLOW JACKET Products Division of Ritchie Engineering Company, Inc.; www.yellowjacket.com/cb or 800/769-8370