Eric Kjelshus Energy Wins A Quality Home Comfort Award

July 9, 2012
An 'agent' of home comfort comes to the rescue with proven methods.

CLEVELAND, OH — The editors of Contracting — a leading, national publication for residential and commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) contractors —have presented Eric Kjelshus Energy, Greenwood, MO, with a Quality Home Comfort Award, for excellence in HVAC contracting.

The Contracting Quality Home Comfort Awards are presented each year to residential HVAC contracting firms, based on projects submitted to the publications’ editorial staff. The awards are presented in a variety of categories based on home size and type of installation (new home construction or renovation).

This is Eric Kjelshus Energy’s fourth QHCA-winning home comfort project. It’s a geothermal system installed at the home of Gary and Bobbi Walker, an unassuming, 2,400 sq.ft. structure located in a rural area about 45 minutes east of Kansas City in Napoleon, MO.

Built in 1984, the home was plagued with numerous comfort problems, which was particularly appalling to Bobbi Walker, the mastermind behind the website and the author of the blog,

Kjelshus’ work started with thorough heat loss and heat gain calculations, and proceeded through to his carefully crafting proper duct and geothermal loop designs, to testing, testing, and more testing throughout the home.

“When we got there, the house was in a bad way. The 108,000 Btu, 60% furnace was providing very little heat to the master bedroom, and there was no air conditioning to that room,” Kjelshus says. “There was no return to the master bedroom and not enough on the second floor. In addition, we identified a low-level carbon monoxide problem caused by a water heater that was backdrafting whenever the blower was on. We upgraded the supply and return to lower the system’s static pressure and reduce stratification. We took out a 6.5 EER air conditioner and oversized furnace, and put in four, 750-ft. geothermal loops.

"After super sealing the house and adding rim and attic insulation, we put in a 27-SEER two-stage geothermal heat pump," he explains, "and we also provided proper combustion air and venting to address the backdrafting water heater and ensure a safe indoor environment for the homeowners.”

Eric Kjelshus Energy was one of six HVAC firms to receive QHCA’s in 2012. Other winners are:
Mechanical Air Service, San Jose, CA; Energy Environmental Corporation, Centennial, CO; General Air Conditioning, Inc., San Antonio, TX; Orchard Valley Heating & Cooling, Southampton, MA; and Professional Geothermal Systems, Port Washington, WI.

The story of this and the other QHCA winners can be found by viewing the July 2012 online edition of Contracting, at this link.