• New From Lennox: EliteHigh-Efficiency Gas Furnace

    March 1, 2012
    Features include a low-speed, continuous fan setting

    Lennox Residential has launched the Elite Series EL296V, a high-efficiency gas furnace that helps users lower utility bills without sacrificing comfort. Simple to sell, install and service, the EL296V offers benefits to both HVAC dealers and consumers.

    The furnace’s ability to provide consistent temperatures, exceptional warmth and incredible energy savings make the EL296V appealing to both businesses and consumers, while offering a competitive point of differentiation to dealers. The cabinet’s low-profile, narrow-width design—with a 33-inch cabinet height—allows for versatile installation, with the flexibility to install in either direct-vent or non-direct applications.

    Additionally, an easily accessible inner blower door and slide-out blower, front-facing screws and self-diagnostic technology simplify service calls and help contractors arrive to their next job quicker. Upsell opportunities for Lennox’ indoor air quality and icomfort™-enabled products add to the product’s profitability.

    An easily accessible inner blower door and slide-out blower, front-facing screws and self-diagnostic technology simplify service calls.

    Among the energy-saving features the EL296V offers consumers is a variable speed motor that uses two-thirds less electricity than a standard motor to significantly increase efficiency. Designed with two stages of operation, this quiet-operating motor uses Lennox’ innovative SilentComfort technology and delivers consistent, even temperature control for both mild and extremely cold days. The furnace’s efficient, low-speed operation mode also helps to remove excess moisture from the air during humid months for increased indoor air quality, while the high-speed setting offers greater heating capacity.

    “This is a significant addition to the Lennox furnace line, as it provides substantial advantages in efficiency and savings,” says Justin Luber, senior product manager in residential heating for Lennox Industries. “The EL296V is a substantial improvement over its predecessor furnace, the G61MPV, offering improved energy efficiency, from 95 percent to 96 percent, which means that 96 cents of every dollar spent is going toward heating the home.”

    To further increase comfort and performance, the ENERGY STAR 3.0-certified furnace incorporates a heavy-duty blower that offers greater air circulation and heat transfer than competing products, with a sealed blower compartment that minimizes air leakage. The EL296V also comes equipped with advanced communication technology. By pairing this furnace with the icomfort Touch Touchscreen thermostat, the furnace can exchange information with other icomfort-enabled system components to continually maintain the highest level of comfort and performance available.

    Additional EL296V design features include a low-speed, continuous fan setting, a Duralok Plus heat exchanger made with patented ArmorTuf steel and a silicone nitride construction SureLight Ignitor to ensure reliability and longer product life. The EL296V includes a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, and a 5-year limited warranty on all remaining covered components. Additionally, local utility rebates may be available to customers in certain regions.

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