• New OEM Test Facilities Verify System Performance and Efficiency

    March 1, 2010
    Two major HVACR industry equipment manufacturers have opened state-of-the-art equipment test facilities.

    Two major HVACR industry equipment manufacturers have opened state-of-the-art equipment test facilities.

    One of those sites is a new Trane testing facility in Pueblo, CO, that recently received Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) approval. The facility will be used to test air-cooled water chilling systems. Sources report Trane is the first manufacturer in the world to earn this approval.

    The Pueblo facility is used for AHRI certification tests of air-cooled units from 0- to 200-tons, and for internal and customer tests to confirm the performance of specific air-cooled water chilling systems of 20- to 500-tons. AHRI certification tests are witnessed by an AHRI approved laboratory representative, and all testing is conducted according to AHRI Standard and OM.

    “Our primary focus in new HVAC systems is energy management. It's critical to ensure that our systems will perform as designed,” says Larry Hood, senior construction manager for Volusia County Schools, Florida. “Using a witness performance test gives us the documentation to prove that we can operate as designed.”

    AHRI approval was based on technology standards and performance of the facility and systems produced. The facility was inspected prior to approval. trane.com

    In other news, Johnson Controls, Inc. has opened two new performance-test laboratories for commercial air-conditioning equipment at its Grantley Technology Center in York, PA.

    The labs will verify the operating performance of air-handling units and air-cooled chillers. These new labs augment research, development and test capabilities at the Grantley Technology Center, which also houses advanced labs for underfloor-air distribution systems and water-cooled chillers.

    “The Grantley Technology Center is emerging as one of the foremost research, development, and testing sites worldwide for commercial HVAC equipment — not just within Johnson Controls, but in our entire industry,” says Dennis L. Henderson, director, Global Engineering Systems, for the Building Efficiency business of Johnson Controls.

    “This affords us a crucial capability, at a time when our entire industry is focused on energy efficiency, building performance, and sustainability. These labs provide greater capabilities to test new designs and components, as we strive to supply customers with products that offer improved efficiencies and greater levels of sustainability,” he says.

    The Grantley Air-Handling Unit Test Laboratory includes a 105,000-cu.ft. reverberation room for acoustical measurements, and flow measurement stations.

    Another new lab will replicate the most stringent global application conditions, in order to evaluate the performance of air-cooled chillers. johnsoncontrols.com