Nov. 9, 2012
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    Arkema Expands Online Information Related to R22 Retrofits

    Arkema’s North American refrigerants website —forane-us.com — has been upgraded and expanded to include a new, on-line seminar focused on the complexities of R-22 retrofitting. All R-22 retrofit information may be reached either from the Forane refrigerant homepage, or may be accessed directly at r22retrofits.com. Both sites include a link to Arkema’s “R-22 Alternatives Training Presentation”, which is a detailed, navigable refrigerants training seminar geared toward technicians in the field. The on-line seminar is modeled after a highly popular Arkema in-person training program about R-22 retrofits, and covers the following key topics:phase-out/transition / R22 retrofits / general issues / component comparisons / functional consideration / operating traits comparison retrofit recommendations. An “Overview” section covers the phase-out of R22 and the EPA timeline, including yearly “milestones” during the phase-out. A “Retrofit Options” section illustrates potential retrofit solutions based on operating pressures and application ranges. A “Retrofit Solutions” provides Arkema’s recommendations for specific retrofit products based on operational data relative to R-22, including capacity, flow rates, TXV change-out, lubricant, system pressures and temperatures, plus retrofit procedures to be followed in the field. A “Retrofit Resources” section provides a wide ranging FAQ section along with contact information for Arkema customer service and technical support. Find additional information at forane-us.com. — Arkema arkema-inc.com

    GEA Releases Condensers for Transcritical CO2

    GEA has developed a new series of GEA Searle condensers for employment in transcritical carbon dioxide (CO2) systems. The condensers are designed for gas pressures up to 120 bar, and offer various structural characteristics, to enable effective operation under high temperatures and pressures. Heat exchanger bundles have expansion gaps, and the tubes have been extended to increase system durability. Since the extremely high gas-inlet temperatures encountered here give rise to the risk of great thermal stresses, the heat exchanger fins have been segmented to reduce the mechanical burden on the heat exchanger and increase the thermal performance. Leak and strength tests take place before delivery.The range of gas coolers is extensive, enabling the tailoring of units to meet the exacting specification of customers needs. Units are available with multiple bundle configurations, with fan diameters ranging from 630 to 990 mm, with high efficiency EC models available.

    GEA gea.com


    2013 Commercial Refrigeration Contractor of the Year

    Contracting Business.com is seeking nominations for its Seventh Annual Commercial Refrigeration Contractor of the Year Award. The winner will be announced in a feature article in the May, 2013 edition of Contracting Business.com.

    The Commercial Refrigeration Contractor of the Year:

    Consistently demonstrates a commitment to quality installation, service, industry involvement, and customer relations

    Is on the cutting edge of the latest technology

    Upholds the highest standards of training and employee skill, and employee presentation and character

    Is an established company, with a proven track record of at least 10 years of consistent growth, with a solid financial base from which to grow into the future

    Is active in industry associations, and poised to explore new opportunities to succeed in the marketplace, and present a good career path to its talented employees

    Will be willing to share his or her expertise with the industry, and agree to an on-site visit by a Contracting Business editor.

    The award will be presented during the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) 2013 annual meeting. The winner is expected to be present to accept the award.

    Send nominations that address the above criteria, to Terry McIver, executive editor, at [email protected].