• HVACRedu.net Offers Special Pricingfor Online Curriculum

    Sept. 27, 2012
    Small shops can afford the same high quality education as the industry leaders, online.

    HVACRedu.net — a provider of online education for HVACR technicians and contractors — is offering special pricing for business owners that purchase online assessments, courses, continuing education units, and reviews, for multiple technicians.

    HVACRedu.net’s curriculum includes examination study materials for North American Technician Excellence (NATE), HVAC Excellence, state licensing exams, and Building Performance Institute (BPI), and R-410A Refrigerant Handling Qualification.

    HVACRedu.net will develop a Personal Education Plan that provides a learning path, and assessments following each learning module. All our online courses are available 24 hours each day.

    Best Way to Prepare?
    HVACRedu.net administrators say technicians need to understand the science behind the work they do. They need to fit studies into their busy days and learn in the most efficient way possible. They need learning experiences designed by professional educators.

    An annual subscription includes everything needed for a full 12 months at one reasonable price to fit business owner/technician needs. Features include:

    • Pre-Assessment: validate what your technicians already know through an online comprehensive Technical Core Assessment, don’t waste time in classes they don’t need.
    • A Personal Education Plan that provides a roadmap for each technician’s learning program.
    • All online courses are available 24 hours every day, no waiting for a course to begin, no travel.
    • Student learning is assessed at the end of each learning module and at the end of each course topic.
    • HVACRedu.net provides employers with participation and progress reports upon request, so they know their investment is well spent.
    • Mile Markers—students earn a Certificate of Completion for each course topic successfully completed at 75% or above.
    • A Personal Education Plans track technician progress, showing how much progress has been accomplished, and what remains.
    • When the Personal Education Plan is complete, the technician is fully prepared to take industry certification exams.
    • Technicians may refresh/review just before sitting for exams—online reviews increase their ability to succeed.
    • Technicians can add more industry certifications by choosing additional online courses from our full catalog.
    • Courses are available any time.
    • Courses include audio and video elements, simulations, handouts, and more.
    • Courses are self-paced, without an instructor, so you can move as quickly as you like.
    • If you need an instructor, one can be added to any course for $50.
    • New courses are continually developed to satisfy the educational requirements of our ever-expanding industry.

    Pricing begins at $1.320 for the first student. Add $110 for each additional student, up to the fifth technician. Six to 10 additional techs will cost only $105 each. The 11th to 20th technician would cost an extra $90 each. The maximum fee for 20 technicians is $3,210.

    Visit HVACRedu.net for additional information.