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    ICM Controls Announces 'Big Buddy' Campaign;Designed to Featured Support Team

    Jan. 17, 2012
    Program is part of a broader distributor program, and includes a variety of showroom and point-of-purchase displays.

    ICM Controls has announced its new “Big Buddy” merchandising campaign designed to showcase the company’s industry-acclaimed technical support team. The new program, which is part of a much broader distributor program from American-made manufacturer ICM Controls, began in winter of 2011, and is being rolled out across the country throughout 2012.

    The program includes a variety of showroom and point-of-purchase displays designed to educate customers in selecting the right products for their application, while promoting the company’s vaunted tech support team, which regularly assists contractors in diagnosing or troubleshooting field issues.

    Support engineers help design products

    Unlike many companies that choose to outsource their technical and/or customer service calls, ICM Controls staffs its Tech Support Hotline, with engineers that actually design the company’s products. This practice aligns itself with the company’s vertical integration strategy and proves to be a “win-win” for everybody, according to Kevin Jobsky, ICM Controls’ director of marketing.

    “The Big Buddy program is a valuable service to both our customers, as well as to ICM,” says Jobsky. “Service technicians can leverage the collective knowledge base of our engineers to help diagnose or troubleshoot field issues. In return, we receive first-hand input on today’s products and systems that can translate into the industry solutions of tomorrow.”

    For a complete listing of available products, visit the ICM Controls web site at icmcontrols.com.

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