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    Accessory Head and Pump Kit Finds Source of CO

    March 1, 2006
    img src="/images/archive/13652smrtprods0_00000006594.jpg" width="93" height="94" border="0" align="right"Fieldpiece Instruments ACM3 Carbon Monoxide Accessory
    Fieldpiece Instruments ACM3 Carbon Monoxide Accessory Head and ACMP3 Spot-testing pump make up the ACMK3 kit. The three-pin catalytic sensor provides dependable readings with a range of 0-1,000ppm - 2,000ppm for five minutes max exposure time. It works fast enough for walkthrough testing and is easy to use. There's no mechanism that'll wear out. Can be used as a standalone product, with a datalogger, on a Fieldpiece stickmeter, or with other DMMs. Low cost at $195 trade price! Visit www.fieldpiece.com or call 714/ 257-9060. Fieldpiece Instruments