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    Oct. 11, 2012
    Energy monitoring experts utiliVisor, NY, NY, will monitor based commissioning in the Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) service territory throughout the Chicagoland metropolitan region. utiliVisor was formerly known as Utility Programs & Metering

    utiliVisor to Monitor Energy Use in Chicago Metro Region

    Goal is increased energy efficiency
    Energy monitoring experts utiliVisor, NY, NY, will monitor based commissioning in the Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) service territory throughout the Chicagoland metropolitan region. utiliVisor was formerly known as Utility Programs & Metering.

    Working under ComEd’s “Smart Ideas for your Business” energy efficiency program, utiliVisor — in association with Grumman Butkus Associates — will provide comprehensive energy monitoring and plant optimization services to hospitals, office towers, institutions and other large commercial facility owners. The program is intended to help ComEd customers reduce energy costs by creating more energy-efficient facilities.

    “The ComEd program provides a host of incentives for building owners to invest in energy efficiency measures,” says Timothy Angerame, director of business development at utiliVisor. “This includes up to $25,000 in start-up grants and a reduction in energy usage costs of $0.07/kWh.”

    utiliVisor’s services will involve retrocommissioning, to ensure all of a building’s energy-using systems perform optimally. Both gas and electric energy saving opportunities are targeted, resulting in the identification of no-cost and low-cost energy saving improvements that can reduce energy usage and operating costs. This monitoring-based approach to retrocommissioning will employ utiliVisor’s specialized software. Building system performance will be analyzed over a period of 18 months or more, while energy-saving improvements are continually identified and fine-tuned.

    “In most instances, building owners are able to realize significant cost savings in a relatively short period of time,” Angerame explains. “In fact, with the ComEd incentives, the payback on capital investment in the monitoring effort can be achieved in one and one-half years or less.” utilivisor.com

    This month in CB history...

    2004: This issue contained our series on business management, which included, “What’s Your Business Worth?” by Brandon Jacob.

    The steps to a valuation are:

    1. Determine the purpose of the valuation.
    2. Gather historical financial data.
    3. Adjust the historical financial data.
    4. Determine which valuation approach works best for the situation.
    5. Calculate the enterprise value.
    6. Understand the balance sheet and how it affects the final valuation.

    “Every contracting business has greater potential than what it’s currently producing, and every buyer is aware of that,” Jacob wrote. “Further, the buyer intends to put forth every effort to achieve the business’ maximum potential.”

    25th UA Competition Finds Most Skilled Apprentices

    North America’s top union apprentices showcased their copper joining abilities in September, during the 25th International Apprenticeship Competition.

    The United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada (UA) held the annual competition in conjunction with the Instructor Training Program (ITP).

    Thirty apprentices from all over North America competed in the UA timed contest in the open field house of the Washtenaw Community College.

    The winners of each of the six UA regions moved on to compete against each other live on a national stage, in five disciplines: plumbing, pipe fitting, sprinkler fitting, welding, and service technician.

    In addition to multiple, trade specific projects, the contestants were tasked on their ability to successfully apply multiple joining techniques to a complex copper assembly. Contestants put their soldering, brazing, T-drill, press-connect, push-connect, and roll-groove techniques to the test.

    The Copper Development Association (CDA) donated all copper materials and some of the tools. Some equipment was also provided by Ridgid, Victaulic, and Milwaukee Tool. Those companies also participated in the judging. Apprentices were judged on workmanship, quality, and overall skill in completing the project.

    Unified Group Annual Meeting in November

    What is your plan for success? How are you handling growing customer demands? What are the key metrics you should use to help grow your business?

    The Unified Group will host its14th Annual Meeting/Owners’ Forum in Toronto, Canada, Nov. 7-11, to help members answer these questions. Featured sessions include:

    • Neil Koenig, family business and professional firm expert, on succession planning and “bench strength” —how to ensure that you have the right people in place
    • Strategic planning for your business in roundtable discussions
    • ”The Best Thing We Implemented in 2012,” a best practices discussion
    • How to Become the Company that Others Want to Follow
    • Unified Group Financial Benchmarks
    • Purchasing Partner Fair.

    Unified Group members can register at bit.ly/2012unifiedannualmeeting. Non-members who are interested in attending are invited to call Allison Rodgers, at [email protected].

    Tucker Mechanical Observes Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Employees of EMCOR’s Tucker Mechanical subsidiary and employees of its client, Yale Cancer Center, stood around pink hard hats forming the shape of a giant pink ribbon, in a “Call to Action” in support of breast cancer screening and awareness. The event is part of EMCOR’s nationwide, “Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today” campaign. This event was held during a cool autumn shower, at Amistad Park in New Haven, CT. Similar gatherings are being held at EMCOR offices across the U.S. and UK in October, which is designated as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

    “Standing in the rain is not a hardship. Those brave souls who battle this relentless disease, and the families who support them, all suffer the hardship. We’re proud to be here today,” said EMCOR Tucker Mechanical President & CEO, Robert Turner. “We’re delighted to be participating in EMCOR’s fourth consecutive year of conducting this national initiative.”

    For a video on this initiative, visit bit.ly/EMCORBCawareness.

    Sears Converts Some Service Vans to Propane Autogas

    Sears Holdings reports that Sears Home Services (SHS) crews in Seattle, WA will now drive 27 new ROUSH CleanTech Ford E-250 cargo vans fueled by propane autogas.

    “Propane autogas has been proven to be safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly, and we look forward to putting this fuel to work in our fleet,” says Stu Reed, Sears Holdings senior vice president and president of Sears Home Services. “The conversion of 27 of our product repair vans to propane autogas is one of several initiatives we have underway to improve the efficiency of our fleet of 10,000 Home Services vans.”

    According to Reed, if fuel efficiency meets with Sears Holdings management’s expectations, it could convert its entire fleet of 10,000 service vans to the alternative fuel.

    To help save fuel, SHS has initiated a “no idling” policy for drivers, and has installed economizer devices on nearly 4,800 vans to ensure technicians drive at slower speeds. roushcleantech.com


    MacroAir has added free calculator applications to its website that show fan solution options for select building specifications. A cooling calculator will show how many and which MacroAir fans will work best in the space to achieve desired cooling effects. A destratifcation calculator will consider the building length, width, and height plus the target air changes per hour to show which MacroAir fans, by line and size, will work best in the space. “Our goal is to give architects, engineers, building operations managers — anyone touched by HVAC system design and effectiveness — a simple, yet practical introduction to HVLS technology,” said Eddie Boyd, MacroAir president. Find these apps by visiting: macroairfans.com/fan-calculators/.