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    Trane Ships FIrst CGAM Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller

    June 16, 2009
    Described as potentially 50% more efficient at part load and 10% more efficient at full load.

    Trane is introducing and now shipping a new air-cooled scroll chilled water system that delivers on all of these requirements and is particularly suited for K-12 school buildings.

    Called CGAM, Trane sources say the 20-to 120-ton system is one of the industry’s most efficient designs available today. It's approximately 50% more efficient at part load than the minimum efficiency targets of ASHRAE 90.1 and up to 10% more efficient at full load.

    It’s also designed with acoustics in mind, with a 5-8db reduction compared with previous models. This allows building owners to apply a standard unit in situations that would have required additional sound attenuation in the past. CGAM can further reduce sound levels up to an additional 3db with factory-installed attenuation.

    CGAM is safer to install and commission than other air-cooled chillers because of its easy to reach service valves, water strainer and water pipe connections. This also makes it more durable for a renovation/retrofit project, not just for new construction design.

    Celebrating the first CGAM shipment
    The first CGAM system is shipping from the Trane facility in Pueblo, Colo., to a community college in Kentucky on Wednesday, June 17.

    To celebrate the first shipment, Pueblo community leaders and officials will join the local Trane operation’s nearly 700 employees for a celebration that includes a facility tour and first ship ceremony.

    Different CGAM Systems Applications Depending Upon Owner Need
    Combined with building automation control systems such as Tracer Summit™, CGAM offers a flexible, scalable, efficient and cost-effective solution for maintaining facility climate.

    When used as part of an ice or thermal storage system, owners can benefit from reduced cooling energy cost because the design uses ice made at night, when demand and energy charges are lowest, to cool the building during the day. The CGAM chiller’s dual setpoint control and industry leading ice energy storage efficiency assures reliable operation and superior system efficiency.

    Another energy saving application is using CGAM with partial heat recovery, which is when the heat that is rejected from the condenser while cooling the building is redirected through a factory-installed heat exchanger on the chiller. This optional factory-installed heat exchanger provides hot water that can be used for many applications; water preheat and reheat for enhanced system humidity control are just two examples. This option reduces operating costs associated with boilers/hot water heaters.

    For more information, visit trane.com/engineer or contact your local Trane office found on trane.com/commercial.