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    Carrier, UTEC Factories Receive LEED-EB Certifications

    Aug. 5, 2009
    Joins an elite group of 11 LEED-EB facilities

    Carrier Corp. was awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification for its Charlotte Chiller Operation plant.

    This is one of eleven manufacturing facilities in the world to achieve LEED status for existing buildings (LEED-EB) and one of the first two United Technologies Corp. factories (both Carrier sites) to achieve this status.

    UT Electronic Controls (UTEC), a unit of Carrier Corp., was awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Existing Building certification for its manufacturing facility in Huntington, IN.

    The LEED rating system is a standard process for the certification of buildings that meet sustainable design criteria published by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Buildings that are LEED certified are deemed to be more energy efficient, produce fewer carbon emissions and use less water and other natural resources.

    The announcements are the culmination of a corporate-wide pledge. In January 2008, United Technologies (UTC) made a commitment that all new facilities for which they had majority ownership, and all new build-to-suit leaseback facilities with a lease term of greater than 10 years would be required to include sustainable features that enable a minimum of LEED certified and a target of a LEED Gold rating.

    The Charlotte factory’s employees developed an alternative transportation plan which included bicycle storage and preferred parking for alternative fuel vehicles users. They also installed fluorescent lighting, improved indoor air quality, and instituted green housekeeping.

    "We've reduced the impact to the environment in numerous ways and have already seen a 20% improvement in energy efficiency in the Charlotte facility,” says Charlie Figueroa, vice president and general manager, North America Commercial Applied Equipment.

    “Energy efficiency and environmental stewardship is a top priority for Carrier,” adds Kelly Romano, president, Carrier Building Systems and Services. “We've set goals to reduce emissions, waste and water consumption over the next several years. This recognition for our Charlotte factory confirms our commitment to minimizing our impact on the planet and providing customers and employees with safe and healthy workplaces,” Romano says.

    John Mandyck, vice president of sustainability and environmental strategies, says it's only logical that "green" products be manufactured in "green" factories, and the Charlotte plant is a natural evolution of Carrier's approach to sustainability.

    Keeping a Greener House at UTEC Factory
    At the Indiana plant, the UTEC factory team reduced water usage by installing low-flow hand sinks, toilets, and urinals, and eliminated irrigating lawns and landscaping. They also instituted green housekeeping using sustainable cleaning products, equipment, and practices. “We have reduced the impact to the environment in numerous ways, and have already seen a 30 percent improvement in energy efficiency in the UTEC facility,” states Esther Johnson, vice president and general manager, Carrier Electronics.

    “UTEC received IndustryWeek magazine’s 2008 Best Plant award based on performance metrics and its dedication to continually improving people, processes and performance,” adds Romano. “The LEED certification adds to that dedication the commitment to minimizing our impact on the planet.”

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