• Tech Update

    Oct. 11, 2012
    Commercial Controls: HVAC Systems Controls and Control Systems, Zone Controls, VAV Controls, Facility Controls, Building Automation Systems, Energy Management Systems. Residential Hydronics: Hydronic/Radiant Systems, Hot Water Heaters, Boilers, Pumps, Panels, Accumulators.


    Daikin AC
    Daikin AC introduces the Intelligent Touch controller. The controller provides building owners, facilities/premises managers and maintenance operators refined and energy efficient control of Daikin VRVIII, VRVIII-S and/or mixed VRVIII/VRVIII-S/SkyAir air conditioning installations. With its user-friendly color icons and scheduling capabilities, this controller makes management of air conditioning units and other facilities equipment easy, even among multiple buildings.

    Intended for use in conjunction with installations of up to 128 groups or zones, the controller is linked directly to the system via a Daikin DIII-NET connection without the need for a PC. The optional power proportional distribution (PPD-Optional) feature supplies the user with a reasonably calculated apportionment of the total power consumption by the Daikin air-conditioning system to individual units on the system. daikinac.com

    EWC Controls
    The Ultra-Zone Model UZC is a 4-zone control panel that features auto changeover between heating and cooling modes.

    The UZC controls single stage 2, 3, and 4 stage conventional, geothermal or dual fuel heat pumps, without the need for dual fuel kits. It also controls single or multi-stage gas, oil, and hydronic HVAC systems with single or two-stage cooling and constant or variable speed fan systems.

    The UZC allows for the use of any thermostat on any zone with any type of HVAC equipment. This is done with a staging timer built into the UZC. A field adjustable timer between 7 – 42 minutes will energize the staging up when necessary if zones are not satisfying based upon the set time. ewccontrols.com/

    Sophisticated, yet simple to use, the ComfortNet CTK03 features include extensive wireless programming and monitoring capabilities, multiple commercial dehumidification options, advanced staging controls, customizable home screen and lockout, maintenance reminders and a host of diagnostics that can improve not only indoor comfort but energy consumption.

    Automatic diagnostics can alert for potential issues, allowing building managers to resolve HVAC system problems before they turn into a loss of cooling or heating. goodmanmfg.com

    Jackson Systems
    Jackson Systems, LLC, announces the release of its newest product, the VCS ventilation control system.

    The VCS is a fresh air control system designed to improve residential indoor air quality. This is accomplished by introducing fresh air through an intake damper controlled by the VCS logic panel. The VCS dramatically increases indoor air quality by decreasing VOCs. The VCS meets the ASHRAE 62.2 standard, and is backed by a five year warranty.

    VCS features include:

    • Micro-controller logic panel
    • Status LEDs
    • Single adjustment set-up
    • “Damper Closed” override switch.


    Johnson Controls
    Johnson Controls announces an enhanced version of its York Commercial Comfort Systems (YCCS), a broad range of mechanical systems and integrated controls for the commercial building environment.

    Using YCCS, building owners and operators can network single-zone, constant-volume HVAC units, multiple change over bypass or VAV-zoned systems, or have a combination of both. Unlike complex and expensive building automation systems, YCCS are designed specifically for commercial unitary HVAC systems. YCCS application-specific unit controllers feature standalone functionality in a microprocessor-based device, providing internal time-clock functions for daily programming capability, holiday scheduling and automatic daylight savings time adjustment.



    Honeywell introduces the Wireless AquaReset, an outdoor reset system designed to improve boiler efficiency, reduce contractor installation time and generate additional energy savings for homeowners.

    The AquaReset maximizes energy savings by connecting a Honeywell electronic boiler control and the Honeywell AquaReset module to an outdoor sensor via RedLINK. The module makes easy installation possible since it wirelessly connects with the outdoor temperature sensor eliminating the need for time-consuming drilling and wiring through walls.

    Once connected, the boiler automatically adjusts its set-point based on the outdoor temperature — providing all the necessary heat to maintain optimum comfort levels and minimizing boiler energy loses during off cycles.


    The NeoTherm condensing boiler from Laars Heating Systems is a fully packaged, space-saving hydronic solution that offers 95% AFUE energy efficiency. The full line-up of residential boiler sizes are available in 80, 105, 150, 210 MBH sizes.

    NeoTherm is a direct vent, sealed combustion boiler that modulates with a 5 to 1 turndown. Zero clearance to combustibles and convenient top connections (horizontal or vertical direct vent) make it a good choice for tight installations. The natural gas or LP-fired boiler features an ASME stainless steel heat exchanger, optional boiler pump, diagnostic information and low NOx emissions (less than 10ppm). Features include top-mounted water and gas lines and air intake, permitting close, multiple boiler installation.


    The Navien NPE series greatly reduces time and labor for a typical tankless retrofit by using existing gas lines and existing flue chases, company sources say.

    Features of the Navien NPE Series tankless water heater include:

    • 2-in. PVC venting up to 60-ft. or a system 636 (ULCS636) option for Canada
    • ½-in. gas lines up to 24-ft.
    • ComfortFlow technology
    • buffer tank.

    Training resources are available nationwide to support installation of the NPE Series tankless water heater.


    The NH150-DV and NH199-DV tankless hydronic boilers from Noritz are ideal for constant room temperature comfort for various heating choices, such as panel radiators, baseboard flooring and radiant floor heating. Significantly smaller in size than conventional hydronic boilers, the direct-vent units appear similar to tankless water heaters and weigh only 66-lbs. versus a conventional boiler at 300-lbs.

    Featuring a gas-consumption range of 55,500 Btuh to 150,000 Btuh for the NH150-DV and up to 199,900 Btuh for the NH199-DV, the units are ideal for residential or light commercial applications. They also offer nine temperature settings (140-180F) for hydronic heating applications. Each unit has a high-flow capacity of 14 gallons per minute with a three-speed Grundfos Pumps circulator, providing multiple pump curves, rather than the one-pump curve of a typical single-speed pump. The multiple pump curves make it easier to correct flows and pressure losses, allowing the hydronic boilers to better adapt to changing demand in a heating system. The units also include an outdoor reset control (ORD).


    Using condensing technology to create a .94 EF, the Rheem Prestige Series condensing tankless water heater is Rheem’s most efficient tankless water heater to-date, company sources say. Boasting a minimum flow rate of .26 GPM and a minimum activation flow rate of .40 GPM, homeowners using low-flow fixtures receive hot water without having to increase the flow. Units can vent with PVC piping, making installation faster, easier and cost-effective for contractors.


    Rinnai’s wall-mounted boilers use condensing technology to heat an entire home and some models can provide domestic hot water. According to company sources, all units are Energy Star-qualified, operate at up to 96.5% AFUE, and use less energy than a traditional gas boiler. Rinnai’s condensing boiler are easily retrofitted to replace traditional, less-efficient boilers or can be used in new construction to provide simple, space-saving home installations. All Rinnai boilers feature the company’s exclusively designed stainless-steel heat exchanger and low-loss header kit to deliver unparalleled performance, efficiency and flexible, faster installation.


    Taco announces its second generation BumbleBee variable speed, wet-rotor circulator. The high-efficiency, ECM motor requires only 9 to 42 watts, depending on the load.

    The pump can operate in three different modes:

    • Delta-T differential temperature mode for fixed settings from 5F to 50°F difference between supply and return sensors
    • Fixed speed for a specific gpm
    • Set point mode to meet a desired temperature (65F to 220F).

    The Bumblebee features a brushless DC, permanent magnet motor with the option of 115-230v, 50/60 Hz input power. The programmable pump offers new plug-in remote temperature sensors and a digital display that reveals real-time watt usage and gpm flow.