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    AHR EXPO: It's Happening in Vegas!

    Jan. 1, 2011
    HVACR contractors and manufacturers from around the globe converge on Las Vegas, NV, for the 2011 AHR Exposition. Attendees will be eager to find products that will help them forget 2010, and look to the future with confidence.

    With more than 1,900 exhibiting companies already reserving 374,000-plus sq.ft. of booth space at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), the show is poised to be the largest Western-based one yet when it runs Jan. 31 – Feb. 2 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

    These numbers include 100 first-time exhibitors and nearly 400 international companies from 31 different countries.

    The show, produced and managed by the International Exposition Company and sponsored by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning Engineers and the Air-Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute- also is tracking well in attendance, according to show management.

    Visitor registration is running ahead of last year’s AHR Expo in Orlando that attracted 45,000 registered HVACR professionals, 28,582 of which were registered visitors. The Orlando attendance set a new record for Southeast HVACR events.

    "Based on these early indicators, we expect a very strong event in Las Vegas," says Clay Stevens, president of International Exposition Company.

    "We believe the improving economy and the fact that it is being held in the West for the first time in seven years are the main reasons for this enthusiastic response," Stevens says

    New solar and green technologies will be presented at the show, along with all other HVACR industry segments.

    Go Online to Plan Show Time
    A robust interactive program designed to help AHR Expo attendees maximize their time on and off the show floor is now available on the AHR Expo website at www.ahrexpo.com.

    Called 'Virtual Show', the online program allows AHR Expo visitors to conveniently:

    • Search for specific products, product categories and/or exhibitors they wish to see
    • Virtually 'walk' the exhibit halls and scroll over a booth to get more information
    • Automatically request a meeting with the companies they are interested in seeing
    • Plan events and meetings and automatically update them in Outlook Calendar
    • Automatically add booths to their planner based on pre-selected criteria
    • Map the best course through the exhibit halls based on products/criteria selected
    • Enhance existing relationships and create new ones.

    Exhibitors can also use 'Virtual Show' to request meetings with attendees, plan their schedules, and search other exhibitors they wish to visit.

    "With nearly 1,900 exhibitors, more than 100 educational sessions, and a variety of special events taking place at the Show, we believe 'Virtual Show' will be very valuable in helping both attendees and exhibitors plan their time more efficiently," says Stevens.

    Attendees can find the new 'Virtual Show' feature by going to the 'Visitors' tab at the top of the AHR Expo website and scrolling down to the 'Virtual Show'.

    The following products are just a sampling of HVACR products on display during the AHR Expo 2011. They're compiled from news received by ContractingBusiness.com editors.

    Intermatic—Booth N4938
    The new DTAV40 Mechanical and the DTAV40E Electronic Auto-Voltage Defrost Timers automatically detect the appropriate supply voltage between 120 and 240VAC, replacing many voltage specific competitive clocks. The Auto-Voltage feature reduces potential wiring errors and installation time. Both defrost timers are time initiated and temperature, pressure or time terminated. LED lights indicate defrost or refrigeration cycles.
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    ICM Controls—Booth N3032
    ICM Controls will highlight its new replacement heating controls at the 2011 AHR Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. In addition to its latest replacement furnace boards and ignition controls, ICM Controls will also feature its new fan coil thermostats.
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    Fulton—Booth C1951
    Fulton Companies announces that new products, including a signature boiler honoring the company's founder, will be unveiled at the AHR Expo in January.

    The Tribute model (ICT) boiler features Fulton's reliable pressure vessel design and high efficiencies, but with the capability to operate at sub 9 ppm NOx with an advanced boiler control system. The Tribute model utilizes a fiber mesh burner, variable-speed fan and integrated gas train, and provides low emissions combustion with only 4-in. incoming gas pressure.
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    EnergyGuard USA—Booth N3266
    EnergyGuard USA introduces its new and improved environmentally friendly coating, EGuard DCC Green. By adding a new curing agent to the original EnergyGuard corrosion protection coating, EnergyGuard now provides owners with a longer-lasting, more economical and lower VOCs coating for HVAC/R equipment. EGuard DCC Green is a polyurethane aluminum impregnated coating specifically developed for all types of heat exchanger.
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    Advantix Systems—Booth N5510
    With its DuCool DuTreat air conditioning and dehumidification systems, Advantix Systems enables industrial and commercial organizations to optimize their climate solutions while reducing energy costs.

    According to company sources, the DuCool DuTreat air conditioning systems reduce operating costs by 30 to 40% compared to conventional vapor-compression outdoor air systems, and by 55 to 65% relative to desiccant wheel systems. Representing a unique and advanced technology in the traditional dehumidification industry, the system enables more precise control of indoor environments by offering independent temperature and humidity control in a single package.
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    FieldServer Technologies—Booth N4648
    FieldServer Technologies will be featuring the new QuickServer, a fully configurable, powerful gateway that incorporates the power of FieldServer backed by the proven FieldServer technical support team. QuickServer can utilize any serial and/or Ethernet protocol found in the extensive FieldServer driver library.

    Also featured this year is the upgraded FS-B35 series FieldServer. The interoperability solution for building automation system integrators that brings together the proven, powerful FieldServer driver library with the latest in gateway design.
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    A/C Leak Freeze—Booth N5742
    A/C Leak Freeze offers two new products for the HVACR market. A/C Leak Freeze will stop leaks of refrigerant gas in HVACR air conditioning and refrigeration systems in homes and commercial buildings. A/C Leak Freeze with Magic Frost enhances system performance extending compressor while reducing energy consumption. According to company sources, it’s an ideal product for older systems.
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    Superior Radiant Products—Booth C762
    Superior Radiant Product's premier VS-VH high efficiency radiant heating system has thermal efficiencies of up to 94%, depending on the configuration, are combined with the well known benefits of radiant heat to maximize fuel savings. The 100% efficient SRP reflector ensures the infrared is directed where it's needed. The Premier VS-VH complements SRP's award winning Premier VS with smaller in-series burners offering the greatest layout flexibility in the industry. Now designs can be custom engineered to best suit the project with long or short, condensing or non-condensing system options. This unique patented technology results in more precise burner performance, reduced flue emissions and decreased system cost. Adding the optional SRP Accu-Rate ® modulating control enables communication with energy management systems and independent zone or system modulation between 60% and 100%.
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    ClimateTalk Alliance—Booth N5048
    The ClimateTalk™ Alliance announces the development of a Zoning Profile to drive interoperability with HVAC systems also developed to ClimateTalk Standards. The new Zoning Profile will leverage the ClimateTalk Information Model for seamless integration with compatible thermostats, furnace/air handlers and air conditioners/heat pumps in addition to providing the installation, performance and diagnostic benefits of ClimateTalk enabled equipment. ClimateTalk Alliance recently welcomed new members eControls, Honeywell, and Jackson Systems, furthering its goal to create a membership base comprised of major leaders within the HVAC, water heater and zoning equipment markets. These industry leaders join the current lineup of now 24 ClimateTalk Alliance members who are working to drive the future of ClimateTalk Standards.
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    nuvoTrace—Booth N4825
    NuvoTrace introduces a new tester that's designed to use a safe, non-toxic tracer gas mix of 5% Hydrogen with 95% Nitrogen (or any gas mixture with Hydrogen) to determine leak tightness all types of items. It may also be used with applications such as the power industry where 100% Hydrogen is present. The Trace300 also offers the ability to detect refrigerants such as R22, R134a and R410a. Other refrigerant detectors are under development.
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    Pedigree Technologies—Booth N5349
    Pedigree Technologies announced plans to release its newest solution for field service providers — the Pedigree One-View. The Pedigree OneView for HVAC closes the service loop by combining condition-based equipment monitoring with field service management, allowing HVAC service providers to effectively move from preventative to predictive maintenance.

    OneView for HVAC, is a cloud-based application that will create new maintenance and repair contracts for HVAC contractors or assist building and operations managers to effectively monitor and assess the performance of heating and cooling equipment. OneView for HVAC includes the easily installed kit complete with the gateway necessary for monitoring, IT support and a feature-rich application. Pedigree’s solution brings the ability to sense and respond to all service providers, regardless of size.
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    General Tools & Instruments—Booth C1082
    The Seeker™ 400 series of wireless video inspection systems from General Tools & Instruments now includes three models that feature multiple, interchangeable camera-tipped probes and the ability to stream live video over the Internet.

    All three models in the Seeker 400 series (DCS400, DCS400-09, DCS400-05) are fully-featured video inspection systems consisting of a standard base unit with a detachable, 3.5 in. (88.9mm) diagonal TFT-LCD color monitor enabling remote viewing from as far away as 10m (32.8 ft.). The monitor features 4x zoom and 180º image flip. All three systems include a 1m (3.28 ft.) long, close-focus (depth of field 0.5 in.to 5.0 in.) flexible-obedient camera-tipped probe that is water, oil and dust proof to IP67 standards.
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    Advance Controls, Inc.—Booth C2236
    ACI is now offering a complete line of solid state relays, including versions with onboard timers.

    The relays are available in 10A, 25A, and 40A versions, with either AC or DC input voltages. Timer versions are offered in adjustable 1 sec. to 180 sec., as well as 6 min., 10 min., 30 min. and 60 min. ranges. Higher amp relay/timer combinations can help cut costs by eliminating the need to buy and stock separate control components. Optional heat sinks are also available.
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    Triatek—Booth N4951
    Triatek recently introduced its stainless steel, flush mount version of the FMS-1650 room isolation controller. The new flush mount FMS-1650 carries over all of the same features as its surface mounted brethren including a user-friendly touch-screen interface featuring a full color TFT-LCD display.

    Additionally, it's currently the only controller that simultaneously displays pressure, temperature, humidity and air changes on one screen thereby making it easier to discern the room's state. The flush mount FMS-1650 also features its "at a glance" room status indicator which provides the user basic room status information through the color coded background of the screen itself.
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    Fujitsu—Booth C2010
    Fujitsu General America, Inc., now offers three new ductless wall mount split system heat pumps with longer refrigerant pipe lengths and high-energy efficiencies. Each of the three systems offers an extended line set capability, providing a line set maximum of 165 lineal-ft.

    The 18RLXS is an 18,000 BTU, 19 SEER, 10 HSPF heat pump that qualifies for Tier 2 Energy Star ratings, making it eligible for up to a $1,500 Federal tax credit.

    Fujitsu's 24RLXS, a 24,000 BTU heat pump with an 18.0 SEER, 10.0 HSPF rating qualifies for Tier 2 Energy Star ratings, also making it eligible for a tax credit.

    The company's 30RLX heat pump provides 30,000 BTUs of heating and cooling with ratings of 16 SEER and 9.5 HSPF. The 30 RLX provides low ambient cooling operation down to 0F, making it ideal for computer room cooling applications.
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    Goodman—Booth N3921
    The Goodman® energy-efficient, R-410A refrigerant, commercial packaged product line offers dealers the ease of simple installation and service in 3- to 20-ton air conditioners, heat pumps and gas/electric units – all covered by Goodman’s industry-leading limited warranties, company sources state.

    The entire Goodman Commercial products line is built to offer long-term reliability, UV protection, and easy-to-access service using a single point of entry. Goodman commercial heat pumps are available up to a 12.5-ton capacity, with a 2- to 5-ton GPH15M version that provides up to 15 SEER/12 EER/8 HSPF efficiencies. Goodman packaged air conditioners and gas/electric units help commercial applications reach 13 SEER/11.5 EER ratings in 3- to 20-ton cooling capacities, while the GPC15M series provides up to 15 SEER in 2- to 4-ton capacities.
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    Space-Ray Infrared Heaters—Booth C238
    With over 400 different heating configurations in more than 80 different models in both natural and propane gas, Space-Ray Infrared Heaters will highlight its complete product line including:

    Eight models of PTS/PTU series tube heaters available in over 100 configurations with its unique TISS™ for additional safety for building owners in capacities ranging from 40,000 BTUH to 200,000 BTUH and minimum mounting heights from 10 to 18-ft. plus much more.
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    Ecobee Booth—N4762
    The energy management system (EMS) from ecobee is well-suited for commercial applications in which a simple thermostat does not provide adequate control and a full-scale building automation system is too complex and expensive. Through a dedicated management portal, users can remotely monitor, identify, analyze and trouble shoot performance issues. It's interactive, modular, and software upgradable over the Internet.
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    Daikin AC (America), Inc.—Booth C1427
    The Daikin AlthermaTM air-to-water heat pump system from Daikin AC, heats, produces domestic hot water and can cool spaces. Designed for the residential market, the system can connect to underfloor heating as well as to a solar thermal kit to heat domestic hot water. It uses Daikin Constant Comfort inverter technology, offering lower operation cost and higher efficiencies, even at temperatures down to - 4F (-20C).
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    LG Electronics—Booth N3506
    LG Electronics V2 Injection air-to-water heat pump uses vapor injection technology that increases heating capacity and coefficient of performance (COP) by using a two-stage rotary compressor and phase separation. System COP is increased by 10%. It can provide 100% heating capacity down to an outdoor temperature of - 15C (5F) without using a back-up heater.
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    Triatomic Environmental—Booth C1288
    Triatomic Environmental's Fresh-Aire UV APCO is installed in ductwork of central air systems and removes airborne contaminants as the air is circulated by the central air system. It uses a proprietary absorption media to capture volatile organic compounds (VOCs) then reduces the captured constituents through an innovative photo-catalytic oxidation process (PCO), which breaks them down into elemental carbon dioxide and water vapor.
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    ITT—Booth C1519
    The ecocirc hot water circulator from ITT Residential and Commercial Water uses an electronically commutated/permanent magnet motor) design that saves the user up to 52% in energy consumption. It runs on 10 W of electricity. A programmable timer and built-in thermostat are available to further reduce energy consumption. It's available with integrated check and ball valves for quick isolation during service.
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    Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.—Booth C1401
    The Copeland Discus Digital compressor from Emerson Climate Technologies offers continuous and precise digital capacity modulation from 10% to 100% for enhanced compressor reliability and efficiency, longer shelf life and less food shrinkage, resulting in significant cost savings. Operating refrigeration can account for 65% of total store electricity use, making reducing costs while preserving product integrity a priority.
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    Neutronics Inc.—Booth C1549
    The Ultima ID Pro HVACR refrigerant analyzer from Neutronics monitors two pressures, two live temperatures, subcooling and superheat, and liquid and vapor saturation temperatures for 84 refrigerants. It features a pressure/time chart that shows a short, detailed history of what's happened in the system, a data logging feature, and other built-in features. According to company sources, the thin film transistor display will make it easy to upgrade features in the future.
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    Mitsubishi—Booth N5020
    Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Solutions’s City Multi dedicated outdoor air system uses VRF inverter-driven technology to provide energy-efficient outside air by using the waste heat from cooling cycles to provide reheat capability without needing an additional or supplemental energy source. It accepts up to 100% outside air temperatures ranging from -4F to 109F (-20C to 43C) wet bulb and preconditioning up to 1,200 cfm (566 L/s).
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