• Johnson Controls Announces Panoptix - A New Approach to Building Efficiency

    Oct. 4, 2011
    Panoptix combines latest technology, new business model and industry-leading expertise to make building efficiency easier and more accessible to a broader market.

    Johnson Controls announces the Panoptix solution, a new approach to building efficiency that makes it easier and more affordable for owners and operators of any size facility to achieve better building performance.

    The Panoptix solution includes four key components:

    • An open technology platform that makes it easy to collect and manage data from disparate building systems and other data sources, such as meter and weather data.
    • A suite of cloud-hosted building efficiency applications that work with any building management system, including Metasys® by Johnson Controls.
    • On-line and by-phone Live Guide support, as well as on-site building and energy services to help customers implement operational improvements and energy-savings measures.
    • An online Panoptix connected community of peers and experts committed to sharing best practices, news and resources.

    "Johnson Controls is known for innovations that improve energy efficiency, sustainability and asset performance," said Dave Myers, president, Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls. "What's exciting about Panoptix is how we can now deliver these outcomes. An intuitive user experience and a subscription-based business model mean that sophisticated building management is now as accessible to a single building owner as it is to managers of global property portfolios."

    To learn more about Panoptix, visit www.johnsoncontrols.com/panoptix.