• No Boundaries for Carrier Chillers

    March 16, 2012
    Variable speed drive function optimizes energy draw

    Oklahoma State University and King Saud University in Saudi Arabia recently awarded Carrier with contracts for the purchase, installation and commissioning of 17DA centrifugal water chillers.

    Oklahoma State University will get two 17DA chillers as part of its ongoing West Chilled Water Plant Improvement Project. Since the 1970s, Carrier has worked with engineers and building specialists at Oklahoma State University’s Stillwater campus, to develop an energy-efficient chilled water distribution system for:

    • nearly 30,000 students and employees
    • more than 84 buildings, including research laboratories, classrooms, offices, a large library and the nation’s largest student union.

    “Oklahoma State University prides itself on operating one of the lowest total energy-consuming plants of this type in the country,” states Harold Valencia, manager, industrial special order business, Carrier. “The variable-speed capabilities of the Carrier 17DA chiller, as well as its reliable and durable design, make it the perfect fit for this type of application.”

    Carrier’s 17DA centrifugal chiller has a variable-speed drive that varies the speed of the compressor in response to the requested load and reduced head pressure requirements. In effect, the chiller’s energy consumption can be optimized over a range of required performance criteria to precisely match the cooling needs of the University at the lowest cost operating point. This variable-speed drive helps to optimize the operation of individual chiller units and Oklahoma State University’s chilled water distribution system overall. This results in bringing greater efficiency and significantly lower operating costs and energy dollar savings.

    Literature describing the 17D can be found by visiting this link.

    In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, King Saud University recently ordered six new-generation Carrier 17DA chillers to replace its existing 17DA fleet. The University’s existing Carrier 17DA chillers have been in service more than 30 years. The new-generation Carrier 17DA units will offer superior efficiency and the latest advanced microprocessor controls, but with the same long-life durability as the older, proven machines.

    Each new 17DA machine produces a capacity of up to 5,000 tons of cooling based on a single-stage compressor design. King Saud University will take delivery of the 17DA machines over the next two years.

    “This win for Carrier underscores King Saud University’s confidence in Carrier’s new generation 17DA, which employs modern R134 refrigerant, offering among the lowest life-cycle costs in the industry,” says Baqir Ali Joher, general manager, Carrier Saudi Arabia.


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