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    Murphy Co. Projects Awarded by AGC

    Nov. 30, 2009
    Murphy Company, St. Louis, MO, was the only mechanical HVAC contractor selected as a finalist in all four specialty contractor categories, at the Associated General Contractors of St. Louis Keystone Awards, Nov. 3rd.

    Murphy Company, St. Louis, MO, was the only contractor selected as a finalist in all four specialty contractor categories at the Associated General Contractors of St. Louis Keystone Awards on Nov. 3rd.

    The mechanical contractor was recognized for its work on SSM St. Clare Health Center, Danforth University Center at Washington University, Pfizer’s new research building and the Covidien Pilot 14 plant.

    “Our teams overcame the challenges of meeting strict FDA guidelines, designing and fabricating 850,000 tons of sheet metal ductwork, implementing lean construction methods and pursuing LEED gold certification on these projects,” says Chris Hiemenz, vice president, business development. “It's an honor to be recognized as a finalist for these projects, and we congratulate the winners in each category.”

    Murphy was recognized in the following categories:
    Building construction, project $5 million or more – Built using lean construction methods, St. Clare required trades to collaborate to develop the most efficient design, from budget and construction standpoints. Murphy led the design, which included 3D modeling of all systems. To reduce time and manpower on the job site, Murphy prefabricated up to 80 percent of piping and ductwork off site. The resulting systems are very clean and efficient.

    Building construction, project under $5 million – The LEED gold certified Danforth University Center was challenging because high ceilings resulted in space constraints for piping and ductwork. Murphy had to carefully sequence installation for air handling equipment with the roof construction as the equipment almost touches the bottom of the bar joists that support the ceilings. Another challenge was managing air flow between the open kitchen and dining area, but Murphy successfully balanced the building with appropriate pressure throughout.

    Industrial/infrastructure, project $5 million or more – Murphy fabricated and installed 850,000 pounds of sheet metal ductwork (75 percent of Murphy’s annual fabrication and the largest ever in St. Louis) in just 14 months for Pfizer’s new research building. Murphy recommended BIM to ensure proper sizing and led the team, including competitors. The air had to be replaced five times per hour, requiring ductwork with sizes and pressures beyond normal design. BIM ensured all systems were correct before installation.

    Industrial/infrastructure, project under $5 million – Because Covidien produces pharmaceuticals, Murphy had to comply with strict FDA guidelines during design and fabrication. The stainless steel pipe was electro-polished and welded with no impurities so the ultra-pure water moving through the pipes would not be contaminated and thus affect the medications being manufactured. A testing agency monitored and documented the welding process, and Murphy provided 3,000 pages of documentation to the FDA.

    The Keystone Awards recognize projects for overcoming key construction challenges and benefiting the St. Louis community. For more information, visit www.agcstl.com.