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    June 30, 2010
    The newest member of ClimateMaster’s family of water-source heat pump equipment is the Tranquility Rooftop, or TRE series. The 3- to 20-ton heat pump line offers the option of introducing a fixed amount of outside air year-round, or a modulating economizer to provide free cooling when outdoor conditions are favorable.

    Commercial Rooftops:Dual-Fuel, Built-Up Central Station Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning Equipment

    The newest member of ClimateMaster’s family of water-source heat pump equipment is the Tranquility Rooftop, or TRE series.

    The 3- to 20-ton heat pump line offers the option of introducing a fixed amount of outside air year-round, or a modulating economizer to provide free cooling when outdoor conditions are favorable. TRE units are designed for an extended range of source water temperatures, making it suitable for closed-loop, or ground source closed-loop systems. With the ground loop conditions, the efficiency can range from 15 to 18 EER. This unit includes high efficiency scroll compressors and belt drive monitors.
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    Daikin AC
    Daikin VRV systems' modular approach enables contractors to provide quiet, comfortable, energy efficient, large capacity solutions, company sources state. Daikin's VRV III has 208-230V or 460V three phase power supply, and larger capacity up to 16 tons. It can connect up to 33 indoor units from one piping network, and has excellent part load efficiency performance.

    Multiple zoning needs can be served, thanks to flexible piping capabilities and precise temperature control. The system also offers advanced zoning capability, with up to 200% diversity, a refrigerant auto-charge function, 540-ft. for a single piping run in the VRF segment, and Daikin inverter variable speed compressor technology.
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    The CPG packaged gas/electric units by Goodman, provide energy-efficient cooling and heating performance in one self-contained unit. This unit is suitable for ground-level or rooftop installations and horizontal or downflow applications.

    Product features include:

    • R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant
    • TuffTube™ tubular heat exchanger
    • High-efficiency scroll compressor
    • Copper tube/aluminum fin coils
    • High- and low-pressure switches

    This packaged unit is covered by a 5-year limited warranty on all functional parts.
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    The Lennox Energence™ 3- to 50-ton rooftop unit product offers efficiency ratings up to 17 SEER and 12.8 EER (energy efficiency ratio), with an intelligent controls system.

    Available features minimize blower power during economizer free-cooling mode, while the Prodigy™ control system verifies performance by confirming that the unit is operating efficiently. According to company sources, Energence rooftop units exceed Federal regulation minimums by up to 30% .
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    The new optimized Maverick II rooftop system by McQuay provides building owners with room temperature control and comfort through modulating hot gas reheat and precise controls.

    The new functionality includes integrated compressor and reheat control that automatically energizes the reheat whenever dehumidification is needed, without using additional energy. The modulated hot gas reheat control feature reduces fluctuations in air temperature and humidity levels, helping to ensure a consistently comfortable environment, which makes it ideal for use in healthcare facilities, schools, hotels, and office buildings.
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    Mitsubishi has made updates to its commercial R2-series outdoor units, offering end users increased heating capacities and energy efficiency. The R2-series exceeds proposed ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency ratings for 2010 and the 6 to 20 ton sizes meet or exceed Energy Star® light commercial requirements, sources say.

    The R2-series is available in 208/230 volt, 3-phase or 460 volt, 3-phase units and has an outdoor temperature range of -4F to 60F when heating and 23F – 115F when cooling.
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    Rheem has introduced the ClearControl control board on Rheem commercial equipment. According to company sources, ClearControl enables contractors to easily identify and address system maintenance, while building management professionals benefit from its plug-and-play compatibility with building automation systems.

    ClearControl is a microprocessor-based control board that was designed to surpass current commercial diagnostic technologies and provide contractors with advanced heating and cooling diagnostics and a easy-to-read display.
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    Precedent 3- to 10-ton light commercial rooftop units by Trane cool and condition air within commercial buildings. Precedent units deliver high reliability, easier installation, less maintenance, reduced operating costs and less upfront expense, sources say.

    Unit efficiency surpasses the energy efficiency ratio (EER) minimum by 12%.

    According to company sources, the units are easy to install and maintain. These compact rooftop units fit into the same roofcurb as current models. Preconfigured units come with factory-installed options to eliminate expensive and time-consuming accessory field installations.

    The units offer easy access to filters, compressors and controls through single-side access doors.
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    Residential: Controls & Thermostats, Zone & Solar Controls

    Aprilaire introduces the 8400 series thermostats. The 8400 series will replace the 8300 series. Aprilaire 8400 series features include:

    • Programmable and non-programmable models
    • Conventional, heat pump and universal models
    • Dual fuel converter built in.

    The custom imprint on the new 8400 thermostats is on a removable battery cover. The 8400 is shipped with a blank battery cover which dealers can simply remove and replace with their custom imprinted cover.
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    The Evolution® control from Bryant offers 7-day programming of temperature and humidity. Large-button, easy-to-read screen, multi-zone capability, and optional remote access assure superior performance.

    Some of the advanced features available with the Evolution control, when installed with a complete Evolution system are:

    • Perfect Humidity® technology — Bryant’s proprietary humidity management innovation for maintaining perfect comfort in a home
    • Dirty filter detection feature reminds homeowners when it’s time to change the media filter
    • 10-year limited warranty on parts upon timely registration.
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    Carrier offers the Carrier Infinity® control, which acts as a single command center for indoor comfort. The Infinity control allows homeowners to set precise fan speeds, temperatures and air filtration with one control, which maximizes circulation and minimizes potential drafts or hot spots.

    Paired with the appropriate system components, Infinity offers these advanced features:

    • Ideal Humidity System® for exacting comfort, which monitors and adjusts the home’s humidity level, even when the home comfort system isn’t actively heating or cooling
    • Air quality products monitoring
    • Day-at-a-glance 7-day programming with two or four time period settings per day.
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    Control Products
    Control Products introduces HomeSitter,™ a remote monitoring product. Remote monitoring of temperature, water detection and power outage alarming are combined in one device. The HomeSitter™ automatically calls up to three phone numbers to alert of a temperature, water, or power alarm condition. Applications include homes, vacation property, refrigeration, and unoccupied buildings.
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    Goodman introduces the ComfortNet™ communicating control system. This control system supports various Goodman® and Amana® brand HVAC products. According to company sources, with a ComfortNet communication control system, an HVAC technician will never need more than four control wires to connect a gas furnace or air handler to the control system. A transformer is included with the control kit which can be installed in the condensing unit.
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    Honeywell announced the addition of a time-of-use utility price schedule programming capability to the Prestige® programmable thermostat. This new "smart" control enables a homeowner to automate energy consumption based on its actual cost, bringing the benefits of a smart grid into the home.

    The thermostat uses built-in wireless technology, which allows it to communicate with other Honeywell RedLink™ wireless devices.
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    Jackson Systems
    Jackson Systems announces the Comfort System™ T-32-P™ universal thermostat. The configuration and selection settings on the universal thermostat are done with simple changes to the slide switches on the thermostat. There is no need to enter an installer setup menu to change the thermostat from single stage to multi-stage, heat pump, or even dual fuel applications. Installers can choose between two or four program events per day with a single slide switch. The T-32-P™ is used for both the residential and commercial markets.
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    The Lennox icomfort™ Touch features a large touch screen display, with an intuitive tabbed interface. The button like menu lets homeowners create a heating and cooling schedule precisely based on the day of the week and time of day. Onscreen maintenance reminders alert when it’s time to change filters and schedule service calls.

    The icomfort Touch features four-wire, color-coded connections and an auto-configuration process, including step-by-step instructions for setup.

    The icomfort Touch has a five-year limited warranty.
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    The new series of compact, unitized 9-ft. 3-in. long industrial strength Cold Blocker™infrared gas tube heaters offer homeowners and remodelers the ability to heat areas previously left unheated or heated at a high cost, Space-Ray sources say.
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    The XL900 series comfort control by Trane uses advanced ComfortLink™ II communicating technology. The XL900 links all of the main components of an HVAC system to maintain ideal temperature and humidity. And with the optional Telephone Access Module (TAM), it can be accessed remotely by phone.

    ComfortLink II communicating technology connects all key components so the system automatically charges, configures and calibrates for optimal performance.
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    The White-Rodgers single stage HSI integrated furnace kit 50M56U-843 is intended to serve as a replacement kit for virtually all White-Rodgers and competitive single stage carbide and nitride HSI systems.

    According to company sources, this kit includes everything contractors need for quick and accurate replacement, including a color-coded thermostat connection label, nine quick-select/quick-connect wiring harnesses, a universal replacement nitride ignitor, installation instructions and OEM cross-references.

    The single-stage HSI furnace kit replaces both 80V and 120V ignitor applications. It also offers diagnostic assistance with features like system diagnostics with fault recall, a red LED light for diagnostic flash codes and a cover label that displays the diagnostic table.
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